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Top 140 Mercedes Lackey Quotes (2023 Update)

Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Change or stagnate. Keep moving or die.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “If only. Those must be the two saddest words in the world.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Zen Hugs – the hugs that you would get, if we were there, if we could hug you, but we aren’t, and we can’t.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Once the blinders are off, it’s rather hard to go back to seeing things the way you used to.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Some must be warriors, that others may live in peace.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Time doesn’t. All that Time does is make it more distant, put more space between you and what happened. It doesn’t heal anything. I don’t know how or what does the healing, but it isn’t Time.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Inexperience can be overcome, ignorance can be enlightened, but prejudice will destroy you.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “How DARE the villainous cads be as clever as the heroes.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “I’m tired of being alone, and fighting my battles alone.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Getting angry over something that won’t change is like seeing what happens if you hit your hand with a hammer over and over again, and being surprised each time when it hurts. So you might as well stop doing it.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Three things trust and cherish well- The horse on which you ride, The beast that guards and watches, And your shield-mate at your side.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Three things see no end- A flower blighted ere it bloomed, A message that was wasted, And a journey that was doomed.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “We’re none of us quite so sure of our place in the world that we can’t be rocked off our feet by bad times. It’s the getting back up again that counts. Not that you fall, but getting back up again counts for more in the long run.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “A book’s alright when the weather’s foul and there’s nothing else to do, but why sit and read when the wind is calling your name?”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “I’m not a legend or a hero, I don’t slay dragons, I don’t do any of the things that a real hero can. But I can make things better, one day at a time, for most of the kingdom.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “If I’m walking on thin ice, I might as well dance my way across.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Three things never anger or you’ll not live for long; A wolf with cubs, A man with power, And a woman’s sense of wrong.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Assume the attitude of prayer, and in time, the attitude will become prayer.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Of three things be wary- of a feather on a cat, The shepherd eating mutton, And a guardsman that is fat.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “It isn’t wise to be rude to one’s mother. She knows everything about your childhood that is potentially embarassing.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Three things know a secret- First; the lady in a dream, The dog that barks no warning, And a maid that does not scream.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Three things never trust in- The maiden sworn as pure, The vows a king has given, And an ambush that is sure.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “I’m tired of having to struggle for what seems to come easily to everyone else.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “It’s only gossip if you repeat it. Until then, it’s gathering information.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “If you would rise, do so alone.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “To treat a person like a carpet, it is necessary that one do the walking, and one allow himself to be walked on. – Shin’a’in saying.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “If there are going to be people out there making war on other people, don’t you think it’s a good idea for some of those people to at least follow a code of ethics? Not ‘honor’ but something you can pin down and be sure of, something with the same rules for everybody.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “If he didn’t get out of here – right now – Harrier was either going to break into hysterical laughter or strangle somebody.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “In a calm, clear voice, she suggested that the wyrsa in question could do several highly improbable, athletically difficult and possibly biologically impractical things involving its own mother, a few household implements, and a dead fish.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Certainly no one has ever died of an unrequited passion – it’s usually the ones that are requited that get people in trouble.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Good hips. Breed like cow, strong like bull, dumb like ox. Hitch to plow when horse dies.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Evil done in the name of a Power of good is still evil. And good done in the name of a Power of evil is still good.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “The hatched chick cannot go back to the shell, the falcon who has found the sky does not willingly sit the nest.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “There is no one true way. This is how we live in peace with each other. This is how we live in peace with those outside our borders who do not seek to impose their ways on us. And this is the only way we can continue to live in peace.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Adventure, yeah. I guess that’s what you call it when everybody comes back alive.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “The freedom to swing your fist ends at my nose.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “A quaint conceit, don’t you think?”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “I try to use all of my senses when describing a setting, and try to think of everything that would impact a character in any given scene.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “The people who keep coping, keep trying, no matter how many blows Fate takes at them. Nobody’ll make a song about them, but they’re heroes all the same.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “It’s hard being a rock; they have such a strange sense of time – and priorities.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “If you don’t look after your fellow man, if you think that what you want is always more important than what anyone else wants or needs, you’re not human, and that’s that.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Size and strength are not the answer to everything. Cleverness can overcome strength nearly every time. A small clever man can almost always best a strong, dim one.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “I have no place in my life for someone who is sure he can do everything. – Steelmind.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Parents always know what strings control your heart and soul. After all, they are the ones who tied them there.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Fanatics can justify practically any atrocity to themselves. The more untenable their position becomes, the harder they hold to it, and the worse the things they are willing to do to support it.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Magic, like technology, is a tool.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “You are human and mortal; we are the sum of our weak moments and our strong.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Not forgiving someone is like not pulling a thorn out of your foot just because you weren’t the one to put it there.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “Evil working in subtler fashion; marriages that proved to be no more then legalized slavery, and the careful manipulation of a bright and sensitive mind until its owner truly believed with all her heart in her own worthlessness. Betrayal, not once, but many times over.”
Mercedes Lackey Quote: “When they are seen as a type, and not as individuals, they are easy for a fanatical mind to grasp – and hate.”
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