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Top 160 Michael J. Fox Quotes (2024 Update)
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Michael J. Fox Quote: “Being in control of your own destiny is a myth – and wouldn’t be half as much fun anyway. Pay attention to what’s happening around you. Read the book before you see the movie. Remember, though you, alone, are responsible for your own happiness, it’s still okay to feel responsible for someone else’s.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “They did something once that slurred my speech, and I thought, “Oh, man, you’re messing with my brain. It’s freaking me out.””
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I’m not a shill for the Democratic Party.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I always felt that I came up short in the education department, but I’ve come to the conclusion that we all get an education.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “If I don’t get food in my mouth, I’m still happy. If my pants are round my ankles, as long as I don’t get arrested for indecent exposure, I’m happy. I’m worried about keeping my hair, not how it’s combed.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I still play hockey every now and then, and I still golf. But my biggest exercise is walking my big dog in the park every day.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I’ve learned some exciting things – mostly, that people really want to help each other; and that, if you can lay out a vision for them – and that vision is sincere and genuine – they’ll get interested.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “Humility is always a good thing. It’s always a good thing to be humbled by circumstances so you can then come from a sincere place to try to deal with them.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “You know what I want? The answer is, I truly don’t know what I want. I don’t want to do a television series. I want to do dramas as well as comedies, but I have no idea what kind or in what order. Just give me the chance at them.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “He gave life to the breath- oxygen, a simple gas, he transferred into words, ideas, hope.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I don’t subscribe to any particular doctrine or ideology. I just think that there’s kind of a good and bad, the good being life in its purest, happiest form, and the other being the darker side of existence.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “The way life runs through everything, even the tiniest elements of nature – that makes me humble. It’s the same humility that causes people at a certain time every day to get on their knees and put their foreheads on the ground in honor of something or someone.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “The ‘Rescue Me’ gig was a unique opportunity to play a character – a misanthropic, angry guy – who was so contrary to how people think of me.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “Still, what’s happened before and what may happen later can’t be as important as what’s happening now.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “My tattoo is that I don’t have a tattoo.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “When I was 20, I would have taken a bullet in the head to never have to be 35.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I think I benefited from being equal parts ambitious and curious. And of the two, curiosity has served me best.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “As a kid, I was into music, played guitar in a band. Then I started acting in plays in junior high school and just got lost in the puzzle of acting, the magic of it. I think it was an escape for me.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “Some of the best friends you’ll ever meet in your life, you’ll meet though your children – mothers and fathers of their friends, parents from school. You’ll see. That’s the way it was for Bill and me. It’s one of the many gifts of parenting.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I worked very hard on those movies but there was some creative connection that wasn’t being made.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I wouldn’t have wanted to miss the opportunity to make those three films that didn’t do well. They were really important to me, and the things I learned doing them were important to me.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I have times when I’m off-balance. I have times when I slur my words. I have times when I walk into walls. I have times when I can’t remember somebody’s name.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “So what I say about Tracy is this: Tracy’s big challenge is not having a Parkinson’s patient for a husband. It’s having me for a husband. I happen to be a Parkinson’s patient.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “Just as Parkinson’s isn’t a big topic of conversation in my house, neither is my career.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “My experience is to deal with things through humor.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “The only unavailable choice was whether or not to have Parkinson’s. Everything else was up to me.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “When I visit the past now, it is for wisdom and experience, not for regret or shame.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “Frankly, my height or lack thereof never bothered me much. Although there is no doubt that it has contributed to a certain mental toughness. I’ve made the most of the head start one gains from being underestimated.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I’m going to marry a Jewish woman because I like the idea of getting up Sunday morning and going to the deli.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I really love being alive. I love my family and my work. I love the opportunity I have to do things. That’s what happiness is.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “If Spirituality is that you’re humble in the face of forces greater than you and you believe those forces are more inclined toward being good than being bad, then I’m a spiritual person.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “One of the great things about Parkinson’s, in a superficial way, is it relieved me of vanity. I don’t worry about what I look like, because it’s literally out of my hands. But on a deeper level, it gives you a real humility, because you have to deal every day with the fact that you compromise.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “After a year or so I really thought I was Howard Hughes. Here I was at eighteen years old, getting all these checks.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I don’t keep up with it all. But Taylor Swift writes songs about everybody she goes out with, right? What a way to build a career.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “Carry on. If you’re going to do something, just do it.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I take the medication for myself so I can transact, not for anyone else. But I am aware that it is empowering for people to see what I do and, for the most part, people in the Parkinson’s community are just really happy that Parkinson’s is getting mentioned, and not in a pitying way.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “After all that I’d been through, after all that I’d learned and all that I’d been given, I was going to do what I had been doing every day for the last few years now: just show up and do teh best that I could do with whatever lay in front of me.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “The thing that brings people to wail at a wall, or face Mecca, or to go to church, is a search for that feeling of purity.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “If one of my kids reads a book for school and I can have a conversation with her about the book and I sense that she gets what the book is about, then it doesn’t really matter to me if she gets an A on the paper.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “My notion of spirituality was different than it is now, but even if I’d been the most fundamentalist of believers, I would have assumed that God had better things to do than arbitrarily smite me with shaking palsy.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I owned a Ferrari, a Range Rover, a Mercedes 560SL convertible, a Jeep Cherokee and a Nissan 300ZX. I can’t remember the intricate decision tree I had to climb in order to determine which one to drive to work on any given day – it probably had something to do with the weather, or which car had more gas in the tank, or upholstery that best matched whatever shirt I happened to throw on that morning.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “Disease is a non-partisan problems that requires a non-partisan solution.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “By the time I entered high school, I had forsaken academics altogether in favor of my burgeoning acting career.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I definitely believe in a higher power.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “As with any turning point or instance when a new road is chosen and an old one forsaken, there are consequences.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “As for my own truncated secondary education, my head was in the clouds as my mom would say, or if you asked my father, up my ass.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “Everybody in the world knew I was before I knew who I was.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I had all the usual ambition growing up. I wanted to be a writer, a musician, a hockey player. I wanted to do something that wasn’t nine to five. Acting was the first thing I tried that clicked.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I’ve dropped my pebble in the ocean, and hopefully; throughout the course of the day; millions of others will drop theirs in too. No single one of us knows which pebble causes the wave to crest, but each of us, quite rightly, believes that it might be ours; an act of faith.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I don’t look at life as a battle or as a fight. I don’t think I’m scrappy. I’m accepting.”
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