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Michael J. Fox Quotes
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Michael J. Fox Quote: “Going public was a difficult decision, and I had misgivings. My subjective experience was now an objective fact in the wider world. It didn’t belong to just me anymore – though I quickly learned that it hadn’t belonged to just me in the first place. More than a million Americans and their families were going through the same thing; some openly, some in secret due to concerns of being misunderstood and marginalized.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “Listening to people espouse beliefs different from mine is informative, not threatening, because the only thing that can alter my worldview is a new and undeniable truth, and contrary to what Jack Nicholson says in ‘A Few Good Men’, “I CAN handle the truth.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I’m sure there are many other Forrest Gump moments that I’m forgetting. I don’t mention them as boasts, but rather as evidence of how ridiculously lucky I have been to have lived the life that I have.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “Frankly, my height or lack thereof never bothered me much. Although there is no doubt that it has contributed to a certain mental toughness. I’ve made the most of the head start one gains from being underestimated.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I definitely believe in a higher power.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I got sick of turning on the TV and seeing my face.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “As for my own truncated secondary education, my head was in the clouds as my mom would say, or if you asked my father, up my ass.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “The biggest gift on Father’s Day is if I can be with all my kids.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “The only unavailable choice was whether or not to have Parkinson’s. Everything else was up to me.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “To be brutally honest, for much of that time, I was the only person in the world with Parkinson’s. Of course, I mean that in the abstract. I had become acutely aware of people around me who appears to have the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, but as long as they didn’t identify with me, I was in no rush to identify with them. My situation allowed, if not complete denial, at least a thick padding of insulation.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I don’t set a whole lot of goals. It smacks a little bit of will to me, and I find that will is not the way to go for me.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “When I was younger, I was always described as happy-go-lucky.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “The story is a testament to the consolations that get me through and give meaning to every area of my life.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I’ve dropped my pebble in the ocean, and hopefully; throughout the course of the day; millions of others will drop theirs in too. No single one of us knows which pebble causes the wave to crest, but each of us, quite rightly, believes that it might be ours; an act of faith.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “I have so many things that I say to my kids, I just drive them crazy.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “So much of what’s important in life seems to sneak up on me. So much time and energy invested in getting ready to go someplace, and then getting there, that the sensation of being there is a revelation.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”
Michael J. Fox Quote: “When I visit the past now, it is for wisdom and experience, not for regret or shame.”
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