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Miroslav Volf Quote: “Forgiveness flounders because I exclude the enemy from the community of humans and myself from the community of sinners.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “The difference between justice and forgiveness: To be just is to condemn the fault and, because of the fault, to condemn the doer as well. To forgive is to condemn the fault but to spare the doer. That’s what the forgiving God does.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “To triumph fully, evil needs two victories, not one. The first victory happens when an evil deed is perpetrated; the second victory, when evil is returned. After the first victory, evil would die if the second victory did not infuse it with new life.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “Christ’s indwelling presence has freed us from exclusive orientation toward ourselves and opened us up in two directions: toward God, to receive the good things in faith, and toward our neighbor, to pass them on in love.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “If we don’t learn to live with one another we will not live. We will either love each other as neighbors or we won’t be. I believe that it is an insult to me as a Christian to say that I cannot love as neighbor somebody who thinks differently than I do.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “There is no more effective way to radicalize American Muslim youth than for political leaders to make public displays of prejudice against all Muslims. Suspicion will undermine their sense of identification with America and alienate some from both the culture and from politics.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “Christ came to transform us from never enough people – to more than enough people; that through his poverty we may become rich.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “Honoring everyone contains the promise of possibility.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “Whatever the reasons, when forgiveness happens it is always a miracle of grace. The obstacles in its way are immense.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “Prejudice is a form of untruthfulness, and untruthfulness is an insidious form of injustice.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “If I say, ‘I forgive you,’ I have implicitly said you have done something wrong to me. But what forgiveness is at its heart is both saying that justice has been violated and not letting that violation count against the offender.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “In a way, fraud in business is no different from infidelity in marriage or plagiarism in scholarly work. Even people committed to high moral standards succumb.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “The goal of pursuit of justice must not simply be that justice happens but that reconciliation also happens.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “Christians believe that there will be a Judgment Day at the end. And it is my belief that on that day justice will be done and there will be a reconciliation between those who have profoundly injured one another takes place.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “I do believe that Muslims and Christians and Jews pray to the same God. And yet they understand who God is in significantly different ways.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “If you take the ‘love your enemy’ out of Christianity, you’ve ‘unChristianed’ the Christian faith.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “The significance of the crucifixion is not only what God does for us; consistently throughout the New Testament the crucifixion is portrayed as the pattern that we are to follow. It is a model of social behavior toward the other as well as a statement about what God has done for us.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “Theology is not only about understanding the world; it is about mending the world.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “If we can exit a relationship, pressure to reconcile lessens; if we must live with those who have wronged us, we are pushed to reconcile.”

Miroslav Volf Quote: “In good relationships, we are happy to grow as the other person becomes part of us and who we are.”

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