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Mother Teresa Quotes
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Mother Teresa Quote: “Our poverty is freedom. This is our poverty – the giving up our freedom to dispose of things, to choose, to possess.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Any work of love brings a person face to face with God.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “The more you have, the more you are occupied, the less you give. But the less you have the more free you are. Poverty for us is a freedom. It is not mortification, a penance. It is joyful freedom. There is no television here, no this, no that. But we are perfectly happy.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “People ask me what advice I have for a married couple struggling in their relationship. I always answer: pray and forgive. And to young people from violent homes, I say: pray and forgive. And again, even to the single mother with no family support: pray and forgive.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “There must be a reason why some people can afford to live well. They must have worked for it. I only feel angry when I see waste. When I see people throwing away things that we could use.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Let us love one another as God loves each one of us. And where does this love begin? In our own home. How does it begin? By praying together.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “If faith is lacking, it is because there is too much selfishness, too much concern for personal gain. For faith to be true, it has to be generous and loving. Love and faith go together, they complete each other.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “God will never, never, never let us down if we have faith and put our trust in Him. He will always look after us. So we must cleave to Jesus. Our whole life must simply be woven into Jesus.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “We must remember that life begins at home and we must also remember that the future of humanity passes through the family.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Without our suffering, our work would simply be social work, very good and helpful, but it would not be the work of Jesus Christ, not part of the Redemption.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “The poor give us much more than we give them. They’re such strong people, living day to day with no food. And they never curse, never complain. We don’t have to give them pity or sympathy. We have so much to learn from them.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Joy is a sign of generosity. When you are full of joy, you move faster and you want to go about doing good to everyone.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Poverty was not created by God. It is we who have caused it, you and I through our egotism.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “God Is Using Gianna Jessen To Remind The World, That Each Human Being Is Precious To Him.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Don’t aim for success if you want it, just do what you love and believe in, Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier and it will come naturally.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “God does not demand that I be succesful. God demands that I be faithful. When facing God, results are not important. Faithfulness is what is important.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “You weren’t created just to consume resources, you were put on this Earth to make a contribution.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “You who have received so much love, show your love by protecting the sacredness of life. The sacredness of life is the greatest gifts that God has given us.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Nothing makes you happier than when you really reach out in mercy to someone who is badly hurt.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “In the home begins the disruption of the peace of the world.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Every adult was once a child free from prejudice.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Even the rich are hungry for love, for being cared for, for being wanted, for having someone to call their own.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Lord give me this seeing faith, then my work will never be monotonous. I will find joy in humoring the fancies and gratifying the wishes of all poor sufferers. O beloved sick, how doubly dear you are to me, when you personify Christ; and what a privilege is mine to be allowed to tend you.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “The right to life does not depend, and must not be contingent, on the pleasure of anyone else, not even a parent or sovereign.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “There is hunger for ordinary bread, and there is hunger for love, for kindness, for thoughtfulness, and this is the great poverty that makes people suffer so much.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “I picked up a man from the street, and he was eaten up alive from worms. Nobody could stand him, and he was smelling so badly. I went to him to clean him, and he asked, ‘Why do you do this?’ I said, ‘Because I love you.’”
Mother Teresa Quote: “My prayer for you is that you come to understand and have the courage to answer Jesus’ call to you with the simple word ‘yes’.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “He who is faultless does not care for the opinion of others.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “The joy of the presence of Jesus, you must be able to give wherever you go. But you cannot give what you don’t have. That’s why you need a pure heart, a pure heart that you will receive as a fruit of your prayer, as a fruit of your oneness with Christ.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Our poor people are great people, a very lovable people, They don’t need our pity and sympathy. They need our understanding love and they need our respect. We need to tell the poor that they are somebody to us that they, too, have been created, by the same loving hand of God, to love and be loved.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “I love all religions, but I am in love with my own.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “It often happens that those who spend their time giving light to others, remain in darkness themselves.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Give love to your children, to a wife or husband, to a next-door neighbour.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Let me thus praise You in the way You love best: by shining on those around me. Let me preach You without preaching, not by words, but by my example, by the catching force, the sympathetic influence of what I do, the evident fullness of the love my heart bears to You. Amen.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Unless this love is among us, we can kill ourselves with work and it will only be work, not love. Work without love is slavery.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Recovering in a Calcutta, India hospital. I think I’m more difficult than critical.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “They should give until it hurts, maybe a very small thing, maybe just a packet of cigarettes, but instead of by smoking that one packet, maybe I share that packet with somebody who has not got even one cigarette, and that’s the beginning of love, to give until it hurts.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Dealing with the media is more difficult that bathing a leper.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “When a poor person dies I want then to die in the arms of somebody who loves them. I want them to be able to look for the last time into the eyes of somebody who cares for them.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Silence gives us a new outlook on everything. We need silence to be able to touch souls. The essential thing is not what we say but what God says to us and through us.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “I can do only one thing, like a little dog follow closely the Master’s footsteps. Pray that I be a cheerful dog.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Put yourself completely under the influence of Jesus, so that he may think his thoughts in your mind, do his work through your hands, for you will be all-powerful with him to strengthen you.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Love is proved by deeds; the more they cost us, the greater the proof of our love.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “I think that a person who is attached to riches, who lives with the worry of riches, is actually very poor. If this person puts his money at the service of others, then he is rich, very rich.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “So many signatures for such a small heart.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Living intensely each present day means letting Christ dwell within you. His words are so clear: Today I would like to enter your home.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Riches, both material and spiritual, can choke you if you do not use them fairly. For not even God can put anything in a heart that is already full.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “We complicate prayer as we complicate many things. It is to love Jesus with undivided love-for you, for me, for all of us. And that undivided love is put into action when we do as Jesus said, love as I have loved you.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “You have to do that here in your country. You must come to know the poor. Maybe our people here have material things, everything, but I think that if we all look into our own homes, how difficult we find it sometimes to smile at each other, and that the smile is the beginning of love.”
Mother Teresa Quote: “Give that child to me. I want it. I will care for it. I am willing to accept any child who would be aborted and to give that child to a married couple who will love the child and be loved by the child.”
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