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Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “God can be trusted. He keeps His promises. He doesn’t make any mistakes.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “When God calls you to do something, He provides everything it takes to get it done.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “We want gain without pain; we want the resurrection without going through the grave; we want life without experiencing death; we want a crown without going by way of the Cross. But in God’s economy, the way up is down.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “We are never more like Jesus than when we are serving Him or others. There is no higher calling than to be a servant.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “True brokenness is a lifestyle – a moment-by-moment lifestyle of agreeing with God about the true condition of my heart and life – not as everyone else thinks it is but as He knows it to be.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “Brokenness is the shattering of my self-will – the absolute surrender of my will to the will of God. It is saying “Yes, Lord!” – no resistance, no chafing, no stubbornness – simply submitting myself to His direction and will in my life.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “True Joy is not the absence of pain but the sanctifying, sustaining presence of the Lord Jesus in the midst of the pain.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “Though my natural instinct is to wish for a life free from pain, trouble, and adversity, I am learning to welcome anything that makes me conscious of my need for Him. If prayer is birthed out of desperation, then anything that makes me desperate for God is a blessing.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “Obedience is the pathway to blessing. It’s the means of protection. It’s the means of joy. It’s the means to finding God’s best in our lives.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “Jesus has revealed Himself in the Scripture. If we want to know Him, if we want to know the Truth, we must devote ourselves to the reading, study, and meditation of His Word.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “Every time you and I bow our heads in surrender to the will of God, we embrace the cross and we manifest to the world the heart of Christ who bowed His head to the will of His Father.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “I am convinced that the influence of an army of godly women will be incalculable – in our homes, our churches, and our culture. Will you be one of those women?”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “Thinking of what Jesus did NOT say from the cross: not a bitter, angry, unkind, whining, profane, unnecessary word. There is none like Him!”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “Worship is a believer’s response to God’s revelation of Himself. It is expressing wonder, awe, and gratitude for the worthiness, the greatness, and the goodness of our Lord. It is the appropriate response to God’s person, His provision, His power, His promises, and His plan.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “The word hospitality in the New Testament comes from two Greek words. The first word means love and the second word means strangers. Its a word that means love of strangers.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “There may be some issue where God is calling you to surrender. I don’t know what you may be struggling with, but whatever it is, let me just encourage you: Don’t delay obedience.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “Sound theology should always lead us to doxology and transformation.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “Gratitude has a big job to do in us and our hearts. It is one of the chief ways that God infuses joy and resilience into the daily struggle of life.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “Men like to flirt with, and sometimes even date a wild child, but those women aren’t usually first on their lists for marriage or motherhood.”

Nancy Leigh DeMoss Quote: “God is good whether or not His choices seem right to us, whether or not we feel it, whether or not it seems true, and whether or not He gives us everything that we want.”

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