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Top 500 Napoleon Quotes (2022 Update)
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Napoleon Quote: “A beautiful woman like eyes, and a good heart; One is a beautiful thing, and other treasures.”
Napoleon Quote: “Neglect of duty does not cease, by repetition, to be neglect of duty.”
Napoleon Quote: “Wherever wood can swim, there I am sure to find this flag of England.”
Napoleon Quote: “The poor man commands respect; the beggar must always excite anger.”
Napoleon Quote: “A people that is able to say everything, becomes able to do everything. The crowd which follows me with admiration, would run with the same eagerness were I marching to the Guillotine.”
Napoleon Quote: “The more I study the world, the more I am convinced of the inability of brute force to create anything durable.”
Napoleon Quote: “Soldiers! Here is the battle you have so long desired! Henceforth victory depends on you; we have need of it.”
Napoleon Quote: “Public morals are natural complement of all laws they are by themselves an entire code.”
Napoleon Quote: “Ordinary men died, men of iron were taken prisoner: I only brought back with me men of bronze.”
Napoleon Quote: “The logical end to defensive warfare is surrender.”
Napoleon Quote: “Conscription is the vitality of a nation, the purification of its morality, and the real foundations of all its habits.”
Napoleon Quote: “I haven’t known 6 days of happiness in my life.”
Napoleon Quote: “I marvel that whereas the ambitious dreams of my self, Caesar, and Alexander should have vanished into thin air, a Judean peasant-Jesus-s hould be able to stretch His hands across the centuries and control the destinies of men and nations.”
Napoleon Quote: “I am sometimes a fox and sometimes a lion. The whole secret of government lies in knowing when to be the one or the other.”
Napoleon Quote: “What I have done up to this is nothing. I am only at the beginning of the course I must run. Do you imagine that I triumph in Italy in order to aggrandise the pack of lawyers who form the Directory, and men like Carnot and Barras? What an idea!”
Napoleon Quote: “You would make a ship sail against the winds and currents by lighting a bonfire under her decks? I have no time for such nonsense.”
Napoleon Quote: “The fate of a Nation may sometimes depend upon the position of a fortress.”
Napoleon Quote: “My star was fading, I felt the reins slipping out of my grasp, and could do nothing to stop it.”
Napoleon Quote: “Moses has revealed the existence of God to his nation. Jesus Christ to the Roman world, Muhammad to the old continent...”
Napoleon Quote: “If I were to give liberty to the press, my power could not last three days.”
Napoleon Quote: “It is the success which makes great men.”
Napoleon Quote: “I make my battle plans from the spirit of my sleeping soldiers.”
Napoleon Quote: “I shall be an Attila to Venice.”
Napoleon Quote: “Water, air, and cleanness are the chief articles in my pharmacy.”
Napoleon Quote: “Without cavalry, battles are without result.”
Napoleon Quote: “I would rather suffer with coffee than be senseless.”
Napoleon Quote: “The only one who is wiser than anyone is everyone.”
Napoleon Quote: “Those who have changed the universe have never done it by changing officials, but always by inspiring the people.”
Napoleon Quote: “A revolution can be neither made nor stopped. The only thing that can be done is for one of several of its children to give it a direction by dint of victories.”
Napoleon Quote: “In revolution there are only two sorts of men, those who cause them and those who profit by them.”
Napoleon Quote: “Love is the occupation of the idle man, the amusement of a busy one, and the shipwreck of a sovereign.”
Napoleon Quote: “I hope before long to press you in my arms and shall shower on you a million burning kisses as under the Equator.”
Napoleon Quote: “We must serve the people worthily, and not occupy ourselves in trying to please them. The best way, to gain their affections is to do them good.”
Napoleon Quote: “The art of war is to gain time when your strength is inferior.”
Napoleon Quote: “Whatever misanthropists may say, ingrates and the perverse are exceptions in the human species.”
Napoleon Quote: “Music, of all the liberal arts, has the greatest influence over the passions, and it is that to which the legislator ought to give the greatest encouragement.”
Napoleon Quote: “It’s not the size of the army but the power within the army.”
Napoleon Quote: “Lies circle the earth while Truth is still trying to put on its shoes.”
Napoleon Quote: “To extraordinary circumstance we must apply extraordinary remedies.”
Napoleon Quote: “Posterity will talk of Washington as the founder of a great empire, when my name shall be lost in the vortex of revolution.”
Napoleon Quote: “The herd seek out the great, not for their sake but for their influence; and the great welcome them out of vanity or need.”
Napoleon Quote: “The Mohammedan religion is the finest of all.”
Napoleon Quote: “It is neither holy, Roman or an empire.”
Napoleon Quote: “Love is the idler’s occupation, the warrior’s relaxation, and the sovereign’s ruination.”
Napoleon Quote: “The policies of all powers are inherent in their geography.”
Napoleon Quote: “A people which is able to say everything becomes able to do everything.”
Napoleon Quote: “Public instruction should be the first object of government.”
Napoleon Quote: “Soldiers, forty centuries are looking down upon you from these pyramids.”
Napoleon Quote: “I am conquered less by fortune than by the egotism and ingratitude of my companions in arms.”
Napoleon Quote: “When a government is dependent upon bankers for money, they and not the leaders of the government control the situation.”
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