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Neale Donald Walsch Quotes
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Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Every prayer – every thought, every statement, every feeling – is creative.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “And so I tell you this: be now and forever centered upon your Self. Look to see what you are being, doing, and having in any given moment, not what’s going on with another.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Today the earth is populated with billions of people desperately hoping to “get somewhere,” but having no idea of where they’re going.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “The first problem, of course, is that we haven’t learned to love ourselves. That’s the first problem. We can only give to another what we have to give. And if we have no love over here, we can’t give it over there.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “As the new spirituality begins to become the pervasive spirituality of the planet, we’ll find that we have abandoned our philosophy of contradictions in which we say we’re all one but continue to try to win.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Intuition is the ear of the soul.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “No feeling you get from any exterior stimulation or source is anything like the total bliss of communion within.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “The new spirituality will bring about what I’m calling the ‘end of better.’ And that is in fact what is called for in the next of the series of books that I’ve been writing.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Life’s irony is that as soon as worldly goods and worldly success are of no concern to you, the way is open for them to flow to you.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “I’m calling my book series the ‘with God series.’ And this next ‘with God’ book is Friendship with God, which comes out in November. This books challenges us to bring about the end of ‘better’ on this planet.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “The way to ‘get there’ is to ‘be there’”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “What? You’re thinking for yourself? You’re deciding on your own? You’re applying your own yardsticks, your own judgments, your own values? Who do you think you are, anyway? And, indeed, that is precisely the question you are answering.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “What you give, you become.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Is it your thought that I despise some of these, while I love the others? I tell you, I despise nothing. None of it is repulsive to Me. It is life, and life is the gift; the unspeakable treasure; the holy of holies.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “In this case, instead of thinking “I want success,” think “I have success.””
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “It’s a very small and select slice of all the people who have ever been born. I believe we’ve come back during this time, those of us who are here now, specifically to experience it. And to cause a ‘quickening of the spirit.’”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “The heart thinks of everything you can give, and the soul thinks of everything you are.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “If you use God with awareness and with intention, all things will change.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “For centuries you have been taught that love-sponsored action arises out of the choice to be, do, and have whatever produces the highest good for another. Yet I tell you this: the highest choice is that which produces the highest good for you.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “The first question in any interactive process with another is: now Who Am I, and Who Do I Want to Be, in relationship to that?”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “It graduates to ‘our state is better than your state,’ and ‘our nation is better than your nation.’ And it circles all the way around to where it started: ‘Our God is better than your God.’”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Enjoy everything, need nothing and choose what shows up.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “The new spirituality will also base itself on a third very large spiritual understanding, which is that life is eternal. Most religious people claim to believe that, but very few people actually live as if that were true.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Beyond the Catholic exclusionary paradigm is a larger one which is the Christian one. Christians claim that if you don’t believe in Christ, you can’t get to heaven. Well that eliminates two thirds of the world’s population!”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Many many people find themselves wondering in their 40s and 50s, is this all there is?”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “You’ll find individuals agreeing on this, but when they get into collective societies and larger groups they find it difficult to achieve group agreement.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Governments understand that help is power. That is why governments offer as much help to as many people as they can...”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Whatever you wish to experience in your own lifetime, cause another to experience in theirs. What you bring to another, you bring to the Self, for there is no other in ultimate reality.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Every man knows about a particular body part that often seems to have a mind of its own. And every woman knows how absurd men become when that is the body part they allow to influence their choices and decisions.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “The difficulty with humanity’s previous attempts at reinventing itself is that we’ve always started with behaviors rather than with beliefs.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Humankind has not evolved in its most basic instincts much beyond the caveman era. Yet every attempt to change that is met with scorn.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Don’t close off the possibility of new truth because you’ve been comfortable with an old one. Life be-gins at the end of your comfort zone.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “The first step is learning to monitor your thoughts; to think about what you are thinking about.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “I think that things happen individually first, and then collectively. It’s not the other way around.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “If you spend your time trying to figure out what’s “best” for you, your choices will be cautious, your decisions will take forever, and your journey will be launched on a sea of expectations. If you are not careful, you will drown in your expectations.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “It is our job to continue imagining higher, and even higher, states of being – higher thoughts, word and deeds – in order that we might continue creating ourselves anew in the next grandest version of ourselves.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “When you love another for who they are, whether they give you what you need or not, then you truly love them.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “They may not use the word better. But they certainly believe that they’ll go to heaven and Jews will not.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Sometimes you have to do what you don’t want to do in order to ensure that you won’t have to keep on doing it! This apparent contradiction is part of the Divine.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “You can choose to acknowledge that some of your old beliefs about God and about Life are no longer working.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Believing that you cannot have something is the same thing as not desiring to have it, for it produces the same result.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “I think that’s a result of just a general increase in speed of the vibration of life itself.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “The only way to find out what you know is to call upon yourself to know it.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “It’ll become obvious that we’ve really been working against ourselves.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “Your own life is the way it is because of you, and the choices you have made – or failed to make.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “We’ve seen in the last half century an incredible shift. This is just an extraordinary time to be alive.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “The biggest mistake we make in creating successful relationships is that we seek to experience who we are through others rather than allowing others to experience who they are through us.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “You don’t have to do anything! If you enjoy life at this level, if you feel this is the ultimate for you, you can have this experience over and over and over again!”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “The largest question facing the human race is not when will you learn, but when will you act on what you’ve already learned.”
Neale Donald Walsch Quote: “You are therefore in the process of experiencing yourself by creating yourself anew in every single moment. As am I. Through you.”
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