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Noam Chomsky Quote: “There is either a crisis or a return to the norm of stagnation. One view is the norm is stagnation and occasionally you get out of it. The other is that the norm is growth and occasionally you can get into stagnation. You can debate that but it’s a period of close to global stagnation.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Markets have built in inefficiencies, serious inefficiencies which are well known.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “One of the problems of organizing in the North, in the rich countries, is that people tend to think – even the activists – that instant gratification is required. You constantly hear: ‘Look I went to a demonstration, and we didn’t stop the war so what’s the use of doing it again?’”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “The IMF economists were doubtless shaken by the extreme failures of their prescriptions over many years, and by the collapse of the intellectual edifice of economic theory on which they were relying.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “People are dangerous. If they’re able to involve themselves in issues that matter, they may change the distribution of power, to the detriment of those who are rich and privileged.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Roughly speaking, I think it’s accurate to say that a corporate elite of managers and owners governs the economy and the political system as well, at least in very large measure.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Humans may be destroying their chances for decent survival. It won’t kill everybody, but it would change the world dramatically.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Well before September 11, it was understood that with modern technology, the rich and powerful will lose their near monopoly of the means of violence and can expect to suffer atrocities on home soil.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “It makes sense to work towards a better world, but it doesn’t make any sense to have illusions about what the real world is.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “About half the population thinks that every person in Congress, including their own representative, should be thrown out. That’s the center not holding.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Throughout history, even the harshest and most shameful measures are regularly accompanied by professions of noble intent – and rhetoric about bestowing freedom and independence.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Earlier in the twentieth century some critics called fascism “capitalism with the gloves off,” meaning that fascism was pure capitalism without democratic rights and organizations.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “The choice is ours, the choice is yours.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “After the first International Days of Protest in October, 1965, Senator Mansfield criticized the ‘sense of utter irresponsibility’ shown by the demonstrators.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Public opinion in Egypt is very antagonistic to the way the dictatorship, Mubarak dictatorship, interpreted relations with Israel. Very antagonistic.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “The United States happens to be the only state in the world that has been condemned by the World Court for international terrorism.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Worker ownership within a state capitalist, semi-market system is better than private ownership but it has inherent problems. Markets have well-known inherent inefficiencies. They’re very destructive.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “The first modern propaganda agency was the British Ministry of Information a century ago, which secretly defined its task as to direct the thought of most of the world – primarily progressive American intellectuals, who had to be mobilized to come to the aid of Britain during World War I.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Judge Afiuni has suffered enough. She has been subject to acts of violence and humiliations to undermine her human dignity. I am convinced that she must be set free.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “It’s very important for institutions of concentrated power to keep people alone and isolated: that way they’re ineffective, they can’t defend themselves against indoctrination, they can’t even figure out what they think.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “The target of preventive war must have several characteristics. It must be virtually defenceless; it must be important enough to be worth the trouble; it must be possible to portray it as the ultimate evil and an imminent threat to our survival.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “In the years of the Reagan-Bush administration alone, about 1.5 million people were killed by South Africa just in the surrounding countries. Forget what was happening in South Africa and Namibia.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “States are not moral agents.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Somehow the fact of enormous privilege and freedom carries with it a sense of impotence, which is a strange, but striking, phenomenon. The fact is, we can do just about anything. There is no difficulty, wherever you are, in finding groups that are working hard on things that concern you.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “A tremendous amount of the entrepreneurial initiative, if you want to call it that, comes from the dynamic state sector on which most of the economy relies to socialize costs and risks and privatize eventual profit. And that’s achieved by, if you like, advertising.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Every predecessor has used mercenaries, often drawn from the country that they’re attacking, like England ran India with Indian mercenaries. You take them from one place and send them to kill people in the other place. That’s the standard way to run imperial wars.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Latin America has much richer resources. You’d expect it to be far more advanced than East Asia, but it had the disadvantage of being under imperialist wings.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “The United States has done some very good things in the world, and that does not change the fact that the World Court was quite correct in condemning the United States as an international terrorist state.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Free markets are based on the free circulation of labor. If you don’t have free circulation of labor, you don’t have free markets.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “The culture and ideology fostered in this globalization process relate largely to “lifestyle” themes and goods and their acquisition; and they tend to weaken any sense of community helpful to civic life.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “In many respects, the United States is a great country. Freedom of speech is protected more than in any other country. It is also a very free society.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Victors do not investigate their own crimes, so that little is known about them...”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Take Ron Paul. He appeals to a lot of progressives. He said on Fox, ‘The greatest hoax I think that has been around for many, many years if not hundreds of years has been this hoax on the environment and global warming.’ He doesn’t provide any argument or evidence as to why he disregards the scientific consensus – just, I say so, period. With that attitude, you really are approaching the edge.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “In fact, the capitalist class in the ’50s was sort of part of a social contract. It was part of the tenor of the times.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “The whole infrastructure of air travel was, and is, part of government policy. It is not a natural development of a free economic system – at least not in the way that is claimed. The same is true of the roads, of course.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Occupying armies have responsibilities, not rights. Their primary responsibility is to withdraw as quickly and expeditiously as possible, in a manner determined by the occupied population.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Before the 1970s, banks were banks. They did what banks were supposed to do in a state capitalist economy: they took unused funds from your bank account, for example, and transferred them to some potentially useful purpose like helping a family buy a home or send a kid to college.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “To summarize, draft resistance can make use of the inegalitarian nature of American society as a technique for increasing the cost of American aggression, and it threatens values that are important to those in a decision-making position.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Thinking is a human feature. Will AI someday really think? That’s like asking if submarines swim. If you call it swimming then robots will think, yes.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “My proposal happens to be very mainstream.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “When leaders carry out policies for decades that have no consequences for the stated goal and are very costly, you have to ask whether they are telling you the truth or whether the policies are for a different goal, because they are not reducing drug use.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “It is a privilege to join the campaign to support Bradley Manning for his courage and integrity in serving his country by helping make the government accountable to its citizens, and to inform the world of what its people should know.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “There are many terrorist states in the world, but the United States is unusual in that it is officially committed to international terrorism.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “Modern science and technology can relieve men of the necessity for specialized, imbecile labor. They may, in principle, provide the basis for a rational social order based on free association and democratic control, if we have the will to create it.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “The labor movement had been pretty much killed in the 1920s, almost destroyed. It revived in the 1930s and made a huge difference. By the late 1930s the business world was already trying to find ways to beat it back.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “And they make sure that their own interests are very well cared for, however “grievous” the impact on the people of England, or others. Now it’s not merchants and manufacturers, it’s financial institutions and multinational corporations. The people who Adam Smith called the “masters of mankind” – and they’re following “the vile maxim,” “All for ourselves and nothing for anyone else.” They’re just going to pursue policies that benefit them and harm everyone else.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “There is no reason to accept the doctrines crafted to sustain power and privilege, or to believe that we are constrained by mysterious and unknown social laws.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “On October 15, 1965, an estimated 70,000 people took part in large-scale anti-war demonstrations.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “The United States is a violent military state. It’s been involved in military action all over the place.”
Noam Chomsky Quote: “What happened in the missile crisis in October 1962 has been prettified to make it look as if acts of courage and thoughtfulness abounded. The truth is that the whole episode was almost insane.”
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