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Top 9 Obie Williams Quotes (2024 Update)

Obie Williams Quote: “When you’re a monster, no one sees what kind of man you are.”
Obie Williams Quote: “Everything burns... you just gotta know what kind of fire to set.”
Obie Williams Quote: “Redemption is a funny thing. Even if we don’t ask for it – even if we don’t think we want it – sometimes we seek it out. In our words and our actions. Because something drives us to make right the things that we did. It’s what allows us to keep living with ourselves.”
Obie Williams Quote: “Her bare feet whispered across the floor as she approached him with the sort of stealth that only small children and trained killers possess.”
Obie Williams Quote: “We’re all looking for forgiveness from someone.”
Obie Williams Quote: “A predator is what you are, and nothing you can do will change that. But being a killer is a choice you make. That’s the dilemma of free will. You can’t change your nature, but you can decide how to act on it.”
Obie Williams Quote: “It’s the easiest thing in the world. Just point, pull the trigger, and people go away.”
Obie Williams Quote: “Her scent was there, swirling all around him. It was feminine, but not elegant. Not like flowers or the spring air, but rather like an autumn breeze, weaving its way through branches well on their way to winter slumber. It was the scent of a fall evening casting its glow over a serene lake. It was the smell of sunset, something he hadn’t seen in so long.”
Obie Williams Quote: “It began as a flicker in her mind. Just a glint in a place still ruled by childish thoughts and fantasies. Yet that single spark ignited something, and the ensuing flame rushed forth with such speed and intensity that she was momentarily frightened it would swallow her whole. But there was no fighting it. It indeed devoured her, as well as everything else in its path. In the brief passage of an instant, the young girl’s tiny form was filled to the brim with brilliant, searing, blinding rage.”
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