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Top 20 Octave Mirbeau Quotes (2024 Update)

Octave Mirbeau Quote: “There is a diabolical streak in me, a troublesome and inexplicable perversity.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “Nature’s constantly screaming with all its shapes and scents: love each other! Love each other! Do as the flowers. There’s only love.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “You’re obliged to pretend respect for people and institutions you think absurd. You live attached in a cowardly fashion to moral and social conventions you despise, condemn, and know lack all foundation.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “Murder is born of love, and love attains the greatest intensity in murder.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “Come now, don’t make such a funeral face. It isn’t dying that’s sad; it’s living when you’re not happy.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “While I was an honorable man in her eyes, she did not love me. But the minute she understood what I was, when she breathed the true and foul odor of my soul, love was born in her – for she does love me! Well, well! There is nothing real, then, except evil.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “Solitude does not consist in living alone; it consists in living with others, with people who take no interest in you.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “The poor are the human manure in which grow the harvests of life, the harvests of joy which the rich reap.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “You see how all occidental art loses by the fact that the magnificent expressions of love have been denied it. With us, eroticism is poor, stupid and frigid. It is always presented in ambiguous attitudes of sin, while here it preserves all its vital scope, all its passionate poetry and the stupendous pulse of all nature. But you are only a european lover... a poor, timid, chilly little soul.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “When one tears away the veils and shows them naked, people’s souls give off such a pungent smell of decay.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “Nothing comes at all – never anything. And I cannot accustom myself to that. It is this monotony, this absolute fixity in life, that is the hardest thing for me to endure. I should like to go away from here. Go away? But where and how? I do not know, and I stay.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “Everything she heard, everything she saw seemed to be in disagreement with her own manner of understanding and feeling. To her, the sun did not appear red enough, the nights pale enough, the skies deep enough. Her fleeting conception of things and beings condemned her fatally to a perversion of her senses, to vagaries of the spirit and left her nothing but the torment of an unachieved longing, the torture of unfulfilled desires.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “To Priests, Soldiers, Judges- to men who rear, lead or govern men I dedicate these pages of murder and blood.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “But one gets tired of everything, even of abusing a person. Paris abandons its puppets which it raises to the throne as quickly as it does its martyrs whom it hoists on the gibbet; in its perpetual hunger for new playthings, it never gets itself excited overly much before the statues of its heroes or at the sight of the blood of its victims.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “Look here, before you and around you! There is not a grain of sand that has not been bathed in blood, and what is that grain of sand itself, if not the dust of death? But how rich this blood is, and how fertile is the dust!”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “While all is new, all is beautiful. That is a well-known song. Yes, and the next day the air changes into another one equally well known.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “Desire can attain the darkest human terror and give an actual ideal of hell and its horror.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “Have you ever been at a festival when you were sad or ill? Well, then you’ve felt how much your sadness was irritated and exasperated, as by an insult, by the joyful faces and the beauty of things. It’s an intolerable feeling. Think of what it must mean to a victim who is going to die under torture. Think how much the torture is multiplied in his flesh and his soul by all the splendour which surrounds him; and how much more atrocious is his agony, how much more hopelessly atrocious, darling!”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “Wherever he goes, whatever he does, he will always see that word: murder – immortally inscribed upon the pediment of that vast slaughterhouse – humanity.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “Monsters, monsters! But there are no monsters! What you call monsters are superior forms, or forms beyond your understanding.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “In that atrocious second I understood that desire can attain the darkest human terror and give an actual idea of hell and its horror.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “For to arrive somewhere means to die!”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “I did not know what she suffered from, but I knew that her malady must have been horrible; I knew that from the way she used to embrace me.”
Octave Mirbeau Quote: “Every party has its criminals and its fools, because every party has its men.”
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