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Top 20 Odette Annable Quotes (2024 Update)

Odette Annable Quote: “It’s not easy to forgive. I definitely don’t forget, but I do forgive and I think that you should.”
Odette Annable Quote: “I like second chances. I’ve given people second chances. You have fall-outs with friends, and forgiveness is a great thing to have. It’s not easy to forgive. I definitely don’t forget, but I do forgive.”
Odette Annable Quote: “I think everyone should live in New York City if they ever get the chance at least once in their life. It’s such a great place to live; there’s a different energy about living in the city.”
Odette Annable Quote: “I do think that everybody deserves a second chance.”
Odette Annable Quote: “I learned Spanish at home and, since half my family doesn’t speak English, it’s my first language.”
Odette Annable Quote: “Beauty is what attracts men naturally, but really I think we dress for other women, not necessarily for men. We torture ourselves every single day, and I wish that we wouldnt because we should all just get along, really.”
Odette Annable Quote: “Im obsessed with socks. I even wear them to bed!”
Odette Annable Quote: “I’m Latin, for crying out loud – I can’t hold anything back!”
Odette Annable Quote: “I had always wanted to lend my voice to a character. I did a voice for this video game, called ‘Fallout 3,’ and that was really fun.”
Odette Annable Quote: “I used to try to pick locks because I grew up on my grandparents farm and I started my own little spy club. I would go around the farm and try to break into the shed and try spying on my grandpa. It was ridiculous.”
Odette Annable Quote: “I’m kind of a crazy person about hand sanitizer. I carry the plain ones that smell like aloe, from Target or CVS.”
Odette Annable Quote: “When you’re bullied in high school, even if it’s the smallest amount, or you’re actually tortured, I feel like everybody carries that with them. They always think of that one person who treated them badly in high school.”
Odette Annable Quote: “I can’t even be around children. It’s a problem. My ovaries start screaming.”
Odette Annable Quote: “I just love scary movies. I love the thrill.”
Odette Annable Quote: “I had a great time in high school. I really did. I went to a private Christian high school and I graduated in a class of 67 kids, so it was pretty small, and I knew and loved everybody.”
Odette Annable Quote: “I love all sorts of music. I’m really into Damian Rice and Amos Lee.”
Odette Annable Quote: “If you ever were bullied, you always remember that feeling.”
Odette Annable Quote: “I have some girls who I look back on and I think, ‘Wow, they were really horrible to me.’ I would love an apology from a few girls, but whatever. I’m not holding any grudges. I’m over it.”
Odette Annable Quote: “I’m Cuban, so I like a bit of curve. I just want my booty to have a little lift!”
Odette Annable Quote: “I have superfine, superoily hair, so my struggle is always trying to get the volume I want. I end up not doing much with it ever.”
Odette Annable Quote: “I think I’m pretty fearless. I like to try things at least once, things that I never thought that I would try.”
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