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Top 9 Odysseus Elytis Quotes (2024 Update)

Odysseus Elytis Quote: “I like to begin where winds shake the first branch.”
Odysseus Elytis Quote: “Coincidence, when raised to a symbol, occurs with mathematical precision at the most crucial moment, even for the squarest of minds. A moment the rest of us call higher will, Fate’s gesture, something like that.”
Odysseus Elytis Quote: “Forced relations between two things that superficially appear foreign create a new, instantaneous state. Authentic poetry asks nothing more. A kinship completely nonexistent moments ago was created by the poet’s authority, just as it might have been created in life by the authority of chance.”
Odysseus Elytis Quote: “The splendor of youth is, to a point, the splendor of error. Jealous the old, who have everything previewed! The nightingale will never come sing over your wisdom. It won’t, darlin’, it won’t.”
Odysseus Elytis Quote: “In the final analysis, roses are nothing but tears. Nothing but the whistle of the leaving train and the breach of a promise. Sorrow, too, is nothing but an evening leaning on April.”
Odysseus Elytis Quote: “Poetry should express the apex, should constitute a kind of pioneering outpost in the unexplored area of life, should precede other arts in the depiction of sensitivity. It should be the word and sword intervening in the spirit, so that matter, docile, can follow. Creation, especially poetic, is above all a result.”
Odysseus Elytis Quote: “Your mouth speaks with four hundred roses, beats the trees, overwhelms the entire earth, pours the first shiver into the body.”
Odysseus Elytis Quote: “This is why I write. Because poetry begins where death is robbed of the last word.”
Odysseus Elytis Quote: “Logic has rid us of the absurdity of our clothes. That’s progress, no irony, only now we are cold. Hale and ill trade bodies with unusual willingness, while in midair souls tangle. The young start out disgusted and Poetry is left to the memo-writers.”
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