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Top 70 Olawale Daniel Quotes (2024 Update)

Olawale Daniel Quote: “There is a huge difference between CONNECTION and ATTACHMENT. One gives you the power to grow, the other sucks the life out of you.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “If you are aiming at the top, consistency is the name of the game.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “The more you dig deeper into crypto the more you will discover you know little about so many things in life. Keep learning and never stop!”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “You ain’t get nothing for staying low, lazy. The world only tremble at the feet of the few craziest doers ever lived.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Most people think the big money in crypto is in day trading, but the holy grail in cryptocurrency industry right now is spotting the gems before the public knows about it. Understanding pre-sale, public sale and pre-exchange purchase arrangements is so vital for massive profits.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “If you are not Grateful, you are definitely going to be a great fool.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Build yourself first before you sell anything; for anybody, or any company else. Your brand matters most than any other companies, or personalities out there.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Don’t envy my smile because it took me a lot of tears to get it. So when you see the glory, ask for the story.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “We can all focus on our chapter of life instead of complaining about, and comparing ourselves with, other people who are enjoying their own chapter of life.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “If you run a business, please don’t sell to family members or friends on credit. Friends and family members are number on the list of people that can ruin your business. Set very clear boundaries. Do you want to be nice and poor, or do you want to be rich and wicked?”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “It cost nothing to think bigger than you are, BUT cost a fortune to think less of yourself.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “In cryptocurrency investment, long term thinkers are less stressed.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Data privacy is an illusion because you are not in control. Any information you don’t want out there shouldn’t be shared anywhere on and off the internet.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “God gave you brain so that you can give Him rest. He wasn’t wrong.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Those who stole and loot from ShopRite in the reprisal attacks of Xenophobia in South Africa left the bookshelf untouched. Readers don’t steal and thieves don’t read.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Bitcoin is a digital gold – it is harder, stronger, faster and smarter than any money that has preceded it.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “You want society to accept you but you failed to accept yourself.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “There are three certainties in life, death, taxes and 21 million Bitcoins and you must make sure you hold as much of it as possible.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Digital assets will be much bigger and faster you than analog assets and decentralized products will be much bigger than centralized products.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “In this era, be careful of your conversations because you are just 3 seconds away from a screenshot.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “In crypto, everyday is not a green day, but true holders will later get paid.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “If you want to save money while traveling, always delete your browser cookies or use incognito mode before you book airline tickets online. The reason is, ticket prices go up when you visit travel websites multiple times because of collected browsing history data.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Don’t be so green to think the world revolves around you unless you are the sun. It doesn’t.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Don’t let social media make you forget you are blessed offline.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “There is nothing more interesting than the internet right now and the same would be said of the blockchain-powered solutions like Bitcoin and other altcoins few years from now.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Bitcoin is rapidly becoming the global reserve cryptocurrency just like the dollar is to fiat currency.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Getting drunk with success and sick with ambition only leads to one route; destruction!”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “To pin the future of blockchain on any one currency, let alone the initial one, means limiting blockchain potential; a potential that once scaled promises to have an unequaled impact on our day-to-day lives. And that really is the stuff of stars.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Nigeria is a great country, if not, one of the best in the world. It is just that we have rulers who are not leaders, but dealers. They engage in sales of the country’s wealth of resources on daily basis for selfish interest and personal gains.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “If you can memorize your seed phrase and private key, your brain becomes a Bitcoin wallet.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “We preach FREEDOM, not silenced slavery. Stop being a hypocritical element. Do to others what you can accept yourself.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “No matter how much or little a company pays. Your name matters most than their name. Build your Brand.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Google takes your privacy, governments take your rights, banks take your money, corporations take your jobs, Bitcoin and other blockchain powered solutions gives it all back.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Inflation destroys the value of your savings while Bitcoin protects them.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Being creative is all about activating your craziness for the good of others. It is all about thinking outside the box.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Learning how cryptocurrency works is like learning a new language. It is incredibly difficult at the beginning, but once it clicks it will stick with you forever.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Writing code is one of the most peaceful things one can do if the intentions are right.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Blockchain technology is a form of digitalized, de-centralized public record of all cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain was designed to record, not just financial-related transactions, but virtually everything of value.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Covid-19 offers us a great opportunity for individual and collective recession. It is a time to go back to the drawing board and rewrite the next phase of our existence. The upcoming generation has to read about how we fought this pandemic with or without vaccines in order to overcome similar situations during their times.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Failing may not necessarily mean you’re losing out – it may be your defining moment. So, dare to fail forward!”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “In your weakness be strong.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “You think Bitcoin is costly, it is not! Your fiat currency is definitely overpriced and oversold.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “To make our world a better place, we need to build products that the corrupt cannot abuse – Bitcoin is the best example of that.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “In terms of adoption, Bitcoin has roughly the same users as the Internet had in 1997. But Bitcoin is growing faster. The next four years on this current path will bring Bitcoin user base to 1 billion people, which is the equivalent uses of 2005 for the Internet.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Make use of your network, but don’t make your network feel used.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “There is great potential for your business to grow exponentially if you take advantage of digital advertising. With an online presence, your products will be visible to a wider audience. You’ll be able to take your product to where your target customers are.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “Just get on with starting, the worst and the most surprising thing to ever expect is short term failure.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “If you think you are going to be brain washed, then let me shock you, I was brain washed too and I became a multi millionaire. The question is, wouldn’t you rather join the league of the brainwashed or stay put?”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “You might think of Bitcoin and blockchain as two halves of a whole, but in reality, they are very distinct commodities.”
Olawale Daniel Quote: “You’ve got your Brain, Google, and most importantly, you’ve got Youtube. Use’em!”
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