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Top 25 Olen Steinhauer Quotes (2024 Update)

Olen Steinhauer Quote: “Without balance, a life is no longer worth the effort.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “Jasenovac concentration camp, which had been the largest “place of extermination” in fascist Croatia during the Second World War. “No one know exact number, but some say a million murdered there. They killing Jews and Gypsies, but most was Serbs.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “God in His infinite wisdom Did not make me very wise – So when my actions are stupid They hardly take God by surprise.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “Do not always assume motive where human error will suffice.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “Political motivations, though rare, occasionally did raise their heads, more so since 2016, and it brought out the worst in people. Black was white, and patriotism was treachery. Some had the gift of coloring the truth just enough to make it look like a lie, and to carefully prune a lie until it passed the smell test and became accepted truth, not just to the intended audience, but also eventually to the liar himself.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “An image of an image, which is a perfect place to live if you want to be something other than what you once were.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “That is why fiction existed, as a way to look at the world without being broken by it.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “Perhaps it’s only those who don’t know us at all who are able to see us most clearly.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “It can be because in each man’s life there are only a few women who can turn him inside out, who can cripple him with a smile. These are weaknesses, but they’re also a sign of humanity. Without these flaws, a man doesn’t really live.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “Russian?” I asked dumbly. I do that sometimes.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “Her hands stretch across the table and squeeze the fingers of my left hand. “I’ve got my bestest lover here, and we’re talking about things that no longer exist for me. It’s like discussing dreams we’ve had.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “Eighty percent of an Agency brain is devoted to repercussions and possible futures, even when you’re just thinking about moving in with your boyfriend.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “People are all the same. We need a personal reason to get our asses off the couch.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “Some were paid solely for their ability to dream up the unthinkable.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “While our expectations for the future are all that really keep us going, the failure of those expectations is the source of all our sadness.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “Metaphors help you boil down the complications and ambiguities of your too-long life into a picture book. They help you lie to yourself.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “Sally is a bully of the worst sort, for she never lays a hand on Bill, never gives her bullying a properly physical manifestation. She beats him with words and body language and selectively brutal silences.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “No. No risk, no failure. And without failure you’re not really human. You’re just skating on the surface of life.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “When he woke his conviction of failure was somehow less inevitable.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “Democracy functions in Protestant nations. It barely functions in Catholic nations. It doesn’t function at all in Orthodox nations.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “If the answer’s not in front of you or behind you, remember there are four other directions to look.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “But this had always been part of his work – no matter how vast the security apparatus behind you, the fact was that, in the end, you were alone.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “It was like pointillism: Stand too close, and it makes no sense. Step far enough back, and you can see it. Maybe.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “They pretend they’re keeping everyone out, when in fact they’re locked in.”
Olen Steinhauer Quote: “Everything is darkened by the shadow of your love for your child.” I.”
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