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Top 10 Olga Ravn Quotes (2024 Update)

Olga Ravn Quote: “Why do I have all these thoughts if the job I’m doing is mainly technical? Why do I have these thoughts if the reason I’m here is primarily to increase production? From what perspective are these thoughts productive? Was there an error in the update? If there was, I’d like to be rebooted.”
Olga Ravn Quote: “I look like a human, and feel the way humans do. I consist of the same parts. Perhaps all that’s needed is for you to change my status in your documents? Is it a question of name? Could I be human if you called me so?”
Olga Ravn Quote: “Every day, my hands yearn to dig deep into soil so that I might lower myself into its certainty, and the earth receive my death and make me its own.”
Olga Ravn Quote: “You can say what you want, but I know you don’t want us to become too, well, what? Too human? Too living? But I like being alive. I look out at the endless deep outside the panorama windows. I see a sun. I burn the way the sun burns. I know without a doubt that I’m real. I may have been made, but now I’m making myself.”
Olga Ravn Quote: “You’d probably say it was a small world, but not if you have to clean it.”
Olga Ravn Quote: “I am a pomegranate ripe with moist seeds, each seed a killing I’m going to carry out at some future time. When I’ve no more seeds inside me, when there’s nothing left but flesh, I want to meet the man who made me.”
Olga Ravn Quote: “I know without a doubt that I’m real. I may have been made, but now I’m making myself.”
Olga Ravn Quote: “We don’t fly under a sky here, but through a slumbering infinity.”
Olga Ravn Quote: “I’m like a plant where everything’s withered away apart from a single green shoot that’s still alive, and this shoot is my body and mind, and my mind is like a hand, it touches rather than thinks.”
Olga Ravn Quote: “Am I human or humanoid? Have I been dreamt into being?”
Olga Ravn Quote: “Do you think anyone’s going to remember us? Who remembers those who were never born, yet live anyway?”
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