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Top 10 Olive Ann Burns Quotes (2024 Update)

Olive Ann Burns Quote: “Life is like pouring water into a Coca- Cola bottle; if you’re the least bit scared you can’t do it.”
Olive Ann Burns Quote: “But to mourn, that’s different. To mourn is to be eaten alive with homesickness for the person.”
Olive Ann Burns Quote: “Ain’t the best prayin’ jest bein’ with God and talkin’ a while, like He’s a good friend, stead a-like he runs a store and you’ve come in a-hopin’ to git a bargain?”
Olive Ann Burns Quote: “Sometimes it’s like people are a million times more beautiful to you in your mind. It’s like you see them, that’s how they really are.”
Olive Ann Burns Quote: “Jesus meant us to ast God to hep us stand the pain, not beg Him to take the pain away.”
Olive Ann Burns Quote: “I don’t know a soul who couldn’t see a fool jest by lookin’ in the glass. I been one myself, once’t or twice’t. So hesh up now. Cryin’ ain’t go’n do no good.”
Olive Ann Burns Quote: “They’s a heap more to God’s will than death, disapoint-ment, and like thet. Hit’s God’s will for us to be good and do good, love one another, be forgivin’... ” He laughed. “I reckon I ain’t very forgivin’, son. I can forgive a fool, but I ain’t inner-rested in coddlin’ hypocrites. Well anyhow, folks who think God’s will jest has to do with sufferin’ and dyin’, they done missed the whole point.”
Olive Ann Burns Quote: “Now then, the funeral party. In case you all aint noticed, the first three letters of the word funeral spells fun.”
Olive Ann Burns Quote: “There’s nothing like a Harley-Davidson for getting around mud holes, rocks, and wagon ruts on dirt roads – or for making an impression on girls.”
Olive Ann Burns Quote: “There ain’t no feelin’ in the world like takin’ on somebody wilted and near bout gone, and you do what you can, and then all a-sudden the pore thang starts to put out new growth and git well.”
Olive Ann Burns Quote: “Jesus said take up your cross and follow Me, but He didn’t ast us to go out and nail ourselves to a board.”
Olive Ann Burns Quote: “I still have a piece of that root, put away in a box with my journal, my can of tobacco tags, the newspaper write-up when I got run over by the train, a photograph of me and Miss Love and Grandpa in the Pierce, my Ag College diploma from the University – and the buckeye that Lightfoot gave me.”
Olive Ann Burns Quote: “She’s as dead as she’ll every be, ain’t she? Well, ain’t she?”
Olive Ann Burns Quote: “Also, he set great store on a man doing right by his family.”
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