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Top 35 Oliver Bowden Quotes (2024 Update)

Oliver Bowden Quote: “I am already dead inside. But I will finish what I have to do.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “We are what we choose to be.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “Learning is knowledge and knowledge is freedom and power. He knew that. He had forgotten that, somehow. But he knew it once more.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “In a world without gold, we might’ve been Heroes!”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “Only a mind free of impediment is capable of grasping the chaotic beauty of the world. This is our greatest asset.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “You take what you can get and hold on tight to it- by any means necessary. After all you only live once.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “It’s incredible. The more we learn about the world, the less we seem to know.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “You cannot kill me! No man can murder me!”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “Listen, do you really expect me to believe that God lives beneath the Vatican?- Ezio Auditore.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “I have seen enough for one lifetime!”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “Death doesn’t wait for you to finish a book.” “Then read what you can, while you can.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “A wounded heart sees all wisdom as the point of a knife.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “Men must be free to do as they believe,” he told Jubair. He withdrew the blade from Jubair’s neck. Blood dripped to the marble. “It is not our right to punish one for thinking what he does, no matter how much we disagree.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “Chains will not hold me! I will not die by the hand of man!”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “Per credere in modo differente, bisogna pensare in modo differente.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “Find your advantage and use it. Keep your friends guessing as you do your enemies, you never know when their loyalties might change.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “You’ll forgive me if I’ve grown tired of waiting for humanity to wake up.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to die. -Leonardo Da Vinci.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “People have to die for things to change.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “I wish I could say I’m sorry. But I tend to get what I want.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “For as long as we continue to reproduce, we will give rise to doubters and challengers.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “I know what I want! Why shouldn’t I live for myself, for a change?”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “What do you know? Have you ever wanted something that much?”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “Why should some poor animal die just because it tastes good to us?”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “From now, his life was forged for one purpose and one purpose alone- revenge.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “There are plenty of reasons to kill a man: duty, honour, vengeance. All of them might give you pause for thought. And a reason for guilty reflection afterwards. But self-protection or protection of another, killing in the name of protection, that is one reason you should never have to worry about.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “And if there is anything- anything- I want, I take it!”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “Do my words stir, if not your memory, then your heart? But, perhaps it doesn’t matter what they say, because I know you’re still in my heart, somewhere. I will find a way, my love. To remind you. To restore you.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “Sometimes our worst premonitions are the least reliable.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “Some men cannot be reasoned with.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “That is one of the moral paradoxes mankind will wrestle with until the day he becomes truly civilized,” replied Piri. “Is it evil to use evil to combat evil? Is agreeing with that argument merely a simple justification for something none of us should really do?” “For now,” said Ezio, “there is not leisure to ponder such questions.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “Being a poet doesn’t automatically emasculate you, Claudia.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “This was something to aspire to, to craft an entire life from. Be good. Protect the innocent. Take down the corrupt. Focus on the day to day, but also look to the future.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “Principle and practice are two very different beasts. I see the world the way it is – not as I wish it would be.”
Oliver Bowden Quote: “What is this that Templars would attend his funeral?”
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