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Top 10 Oliver Heaviside Quotes (2024 Update)

Oliver Heaviside Quote: “If it is love that makes the world go round, it is self-induction that makes electromagnetic waves go round the world.”
Oliver Heaviside Quote: “Mathematics is an experimental science, and definitions do not come first, but later on.”
Oliver Heaviside Quote: “Logic can be patient, for it is eternal.”
Oliver Heaviside Quote: “Theory is the essence of facts. Without theory scientific knowledge would be only worthy of the madhouse.”
Oliver Heaviside Quote: “Mathematics is of two kinds, Rigorous and Physical. The former is Narrow: the latter Bold and Broad. To have to stop to formulate rigorous demonstrations would put a stop to most physico-mathematical inquiries. Am I to refuse to eat because I do not fully understand the mechanism of digestion?”
Oliver Heaviside Quote: “The best result of mathematics is to be able to do without it.”
Oliver Heaviside Quote: “Criticized for using formal mathematical manipulations, without understanding how they worked: Should I refuse a good dinner simply because I do not understand the process of digestion?”
Oliver Heaviside Quote: “Euclid for children is barbarous.”
Oliver Heaviside Quote: “Why should I refuse a good dinner simply because I don’t understand the digestive processes involved?”
Oliver Heaviside Quote: “Waves from moving sources: Adagio. Andante. Allegro moderato.”
Oliver Heaviside Quote: “We do not dwell in the Palace of Truth. But, as was mentioned to me not long since, “There is a time coming when all things shall be found out.” I am not so sanguine myself, believing that the well in which Truth is said to reside is really a bottomless pit.”
Oliver Heaviside Quote: “Facts are of not much use, considered as facts. They bewilder by their number and their apparent incoherency. Let them be digested into theory, however, and brought into mutual harmony, and it is another matter.”
Oliver Heaviside Quote: “However absurd it may seem, I do in all seriousness hereby declare that I am animated mainly by philanthropic motives. I desire to do good to my fellow creatures, even to the Cui bonos.”
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