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Top 7 Olivia A. Cole Quotes (2024 Update)

Olivia A. Cole Quote: “Facts are not always facts. The version of the truth we know is what is shown to us.”
Olivia A. Cole Quote: “Don’t call me stupid,” Yaya says, taking a half step toward me. The shine of tears in her eyes is gone: she’s fully angry now and it shows. But I’m angry too. Is this how humans got ourselves into this mess? By believing that we have as much right to this planet as the Faloii? Do we think we own the galaxy? I’m surprised they haven’t already thrown us back out into the stars.”
Olivia A. Cole Quote: “My father and I live under different suns. In reality, it is the same: red and hungry, an intense crimson eye that sends the sweat fleeing from my skin. It’s as beautiful as it is harsh, but my father sees none of the beauty. The past has dulled his wonder, and so the light of this planet shines differently on each of us. For me, it is part of home. For him, it is a beacon over a prison. Like others in N’Terra, he had his heart set on another sun. This one is a poor replacement.”
Olivia A. Cole Quote: “Albaturean or not,” he says, jerking his head over his shoulder to indicate the shopkeeper. “I wish I could do that.” “What? Make vague references to unity based on obscure references to the past?” I roll my eyes. Rondo’s laugh startles me. “What?” I frown. “I think that might be the realest thing you’ve ever said.”
Olivia A. Cole Quote: “My smile fades and I’m very aware of the blood in my veins. I wonder if he’s mad after what I said. In any case, my blood feels happy to see him, even as nervousness pools in my stomach. Illogical, I tell myself, annoyed by my contradictory reactions to his presence, and I find myself examining my fingers. Is attraction quantifiable? My heartbeat is empirical, but what does it actually mean?”
Olivia A. Cole Quote: “There’s more to the world than logic.”
Olivia A. Cole Quote: “But home isn’t just memory, I’ve decided: it’s knowledge, knowing where you belong and where you fit.”
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