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Top 20 Olivia Atwater Quotes (2024 Update)

Olivia Atwater Quote: “Every fish you throw back into the ocean is a triumph of the idea that human beings can be better. I do my best, every day, to throw at least one fish back into the ocean. I hope that you will join me.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “There is such a thing as evil in this world,” Elias told her quietly. “It does not help to look away from it. It does not even help, necessarily, to look at it.” His fingers brushed through her hair, and she shivered. “But sometimes, when you cannot force the world to come to its senses, you must settle only for wiping away some of the small evils in front of you.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “There’s no use gettin’ angry,” Effie’s mother used to chide her. “It’ll just get you into trouble. You can think all of the angry thoughts you want, but they’ve got to stay inside your head!”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “There aren’t any facts when it comes to opinions,” she said. “There’s only people who like things an’ people who don’t.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “Today, Theodora Eloisa Charity Ettings – who generally preferred the name Dora – was busily escaping her adult captors, with the goal of making her way to the wild woods behind Lockheed Manor.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “It was a shame, she thought, that so many beautiful things were also so ugly on the inside.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “I did not come here only to dance. I came here only to dance with you. It is quite a different thing.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “A faerie told me that true love’s kiss could wake Miss Buckley,” Effie told him. “I cannot think of any truer or more unconditional love than that of a dog.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “There are plenty of fish upon the beach who would be grateful for a bit of kindness – and if you take the time to rescue even one, then perhaps you may even convince a bystander to join you and rescue another.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “Pleasant-mannered people are simply the worst sort of people. Decent people become properly angry when presented with miserable injustice, but pleasant-mannered people never do.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “I love your wit and cleverness. I love that you are kind but almost never nice. I love your eyes and your hair and your freckles, and the fact that you smell like some monstrous floral perfume all of the time.” He paused, now looking somewhat offended at himself. “And I love to dance with you. That is the worst of it by far.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “She had little effort to spare for making unpleasant men more comfortable.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “No one gives what they could, Albert!” Elias hissed. “Everyone gives what they please – and certainly not without plenty of self-congratulations for their miserly gestures. With one hand, they raise grain tariffs, muster soldiers and create the workhouses. With the other, they deign to save a few poor souls from the very hell they made.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “I cannot help but feel that if we had fewer pleasant-mannered people, then perhaps there would also be fewer of these hideous wars.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “I am in love with you. You deserve to hear that.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “This time, when his heat departed, Dora thought she must have felt the cold – because the absence of him made her feel as though something crucial was missing.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “I think that Elias has been angry now for so long that he is scared to let it go – I think he is scared that it would make him too complacent, and he might become all of those things which he so despises in others.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “He has asked me before how the world can be so heartless. It is this dastardly need to remain calm and composed and polite that has left us all feeling so alone.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “It may be true that you have only half a soul, Dora,” he whispered, with a surprising abundance of empathy in his voice. “But that does not make you half a person.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “I have known many human beings with a full soul to their name who do not have half so much compassion or practicality as you.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “I am going to fail again,” he said. “There is never anything that I can do. And the world will go on, just as it always has. There will be people at fine dinners, pretending... believing that nothing is wrong.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “And I love to dance with you. That is the worst of it by far.”
Olivia Atwater Quote: “Rather, Abigail is quite literally a stubborn, immortal lesbian – and she and her transgender faerie girlfriend will live together happily for ever and ever in perfect defiance of the Hays Code.”
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