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Top 30 Olivia Dade Quotes (2024 Update)

Olivia Dade Quote: “Carry yourself with the confidence of a mediocre white man.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “If you truly love me in return, accept me as I am. If you can’t accept me as I am, maybe you need to rethink your definition of love.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “The best thing the world offered an ugly little girl was indifference. Pity stung exactly as much as insults, if not more, so she tried to avoid either. She tried to avoid notice. Even as a child, she’d understood it was important to stay quiet. Unobtrusive. And above all, undemanding.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “Some scriptwriters believe death and misery and stagnation are more clever, more meaningful, and more authentic to reality than love and happiness and change. But life isn’t all misery, and finding a path through hard, hard lives to joy is tough, clever, meaningful work.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “Your lack of anger does not reliably indicate a lack of wrong done to you.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “My duty as an American forces me to buy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups wherever I may find them.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “And since then, she’d spent decades giving away pieces of herself, because she didn’t matter. Not as much as everyone else.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “Sometimes they blundered because their personal histories hadn’t taught them to be sensitive to certain issues. And sometimes they blundered because – Sometimes they blundered because they had trust issues. Major trust issues.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “I love you. You can tell me it’s too fast, too much, but that won’t change anything. It’s a fact. A scientific truth. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the tides come and go, we’ll eventually grown old and die, and Lucas Karlsson loves Tess Dunn.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “Since approximately half the humans on this planet either have gotten or will get periods, I’ve always found that particular brand of squeamishness ridiculous.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “But empathy requires imagination, and he didn’t have enough of either.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “I’m not sure posting pictures there is a great idea.” It was more or less the same advice April had received for more than thirty years: If people are cruel, make yourself smaller and smaller, until you’re so inconsequential no one can target you.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “The synth speaks to my soul.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “Why do you listen to closely to everything I say, and then remember it?” He frowned down at her, reaching over to rumple her hair with his free hand. “It’s all very unfair.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “You want me to work out with you?” she asked. Before this moment, she’d thought – It didn’t matter. He was treading familiar ground now, digging the same poisoned well deeper and deeper yet, and she’d abandoned that particular spot long ago. She wasn’t going back. Not for anyone, and especially not for a man whose company already came fraught with endless complications and contradictions.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “As always, fatness was a sin, most likely mortal rather than venial.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “She’d almost forgotten how it felt to squeeze into a space too cramped to contain her comfortably. She’d almost forgotten the specific pain of attempting to make herself as small as possible, contorting her arms and legs in a way that hurt her joints and made relaxation impossible. She’d almost forgotten the reality of her life.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “If you ever decide to write your own scripts, a bit of advice to keep in mind: As we’re both aware – all too aware – some scriptwriters believe death and misery and stagnation are more clever, more meaningful, and more authentic to reality than love and happiness and change. But life isn’t all misery, and finding a path through hard, hard lives to joy is tough, clever, meaningful work. Yours sincerely, E. Wade.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “But I’m not you, Peter. I need people I love around me every day to be happy.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “His home was filled with valuables, even if he currently felt worthless.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “Is that another Pretty Woman reference?” It totally was. “I can neither confirm nor deny that accusation.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “When he didn’t speak for a while, she laid her cheek on his head. “We can talk about that, if you want, or I can simply listen. Or we can stay like this, if silence would help.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “Wren’s comfort was worth his discomfort.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “Love couldn’t solve everything, but without love, there was nothing to solve.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “And somewhere in that lazy stretch of time after the auction, she started laughing too. Not by accident. Not because the world became a significantly more amusing place over the course of a week or two. No, she started laughing because he’d formulated a new goal to define his days: He wanted to make her laugh as often as he frustrated her. Which was to say, frequently.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “He was almost entirely certain he’d shifted far enough, but maybe she had some sort of preternatural erection detection ability?”
Olivia Dade Quote: “But I’m not looking to be fixed. I want to be loved and liked and desired not because of my size, not despite my size, but because I’m ME.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “Lauren wasn’t really into frosting, he’d learned, which was preposterous. Possibly un-American.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “It’s not right on a societal level or even a professional level, but it is fine on a personal level. It has to be, because otherwise I’d spend my life angry and sad, and I don’t want that for myself.”
Olivia Dade Quote: “The only way to save him was to leave him.”
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