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Top 15 Olivia Gatwood Quotes (2024 Update)

Olivia Gatwood Quote: “The truth is: It is a privilege to have your body looked for.”
Olivia Gatwood Quote: “You must know the width of the knife and how it ruined you, name the organs it kissed.”
Olivia Gatwood Quote: “Men always want to come inside you so that if they give you a sickness or a baby, you are bound to them forever. People will tell you men don’t like commitment and the first rule is that you shouldn’t believe them. Remember, sickness or a baby. Neither of which they’ll take care of.”
Olivia Gatwood Quote: “I kicked and screamed my way through it and so will you, I can tell by the way that you walk.”
Olivia Gatwood Quote: “Maybe I see myself in the worst of it. Maybe if I can imagine myself in the shallow water, you should too. Maybe I am tired of hearing people talk about the murder of girls like it is both beautiful and out of the ordinary.”
Olivia Gatwood Quote: “Reader, I cannot promise you will be less afraid when you finish this book, but I hope you will feel more able to name what lives inside you.”
Olivia Gatwood Quote: “It’s easy to hurt someone who looks just like you, especially when you hate yourself.”
Olivia Gatwood Quote: “Sometimes, the writer in me wants to remember just so I can give you a story.”
Olivia Gatwood Quote: “They see us as kids now, but the beatdowns will be different when they don’t. There is a special hatred reserved for women and women alone.”
Olivia Gatwood Quote: “What is more teen girl than not being loved, but wanting it so badly that you accept the smallest crumb and call yourself full?”
Olivia Gatwood Quote: “One man asks how I reach the pedals. One man asks where my daddy is. One man opens his trunk and says, Bet you’re small enough to fit.”
Olivia Gatwood Quote: “Some things are more a feeling than they are a memory.”
Olivia Gatwood Quote: “Another rule to good storytelling is that no one wants a half-remembered tragedy. You must know the width of the knife and how it ruined you, name the organs it kissed.”
Olivia Gatwood Quote: “What am I, if not yours? What do I do with my hands when they are just hands?”
Olivia Gatwood Quote: “I don’t know how to not become the people I bring home.”
Olivia Gatwood Quote: “I wanna be all the girls I’ve ever loved.”
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