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Top 25 Olivia Palermo Quotes (2024 Update)

Olivia Palermo Quote: “I think life is about falling in love with the right person, shopping, eating our favorite desserts and traveling a lot.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I’ve always had the mentality of: work hard, get to bed early, focus – and let your work speak for itself.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I think being organized should be in your lifestyle. I run a few different businesses, so I have to be organized. And I think everyone around me will also feel organized. To have chaos going on, it just doesn’t work.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I always have an idea in the back of my head, but that goes with anything else that I’m doing. There is a sort of vision behind it.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “Of course I love leather, and I love stingray. So combining the two and adding those gold elements – I always love a great gold accessory.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I may be a young girl, but behind every young girl is a powerful father.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I love belts. My husband always jokes with me, because he always calls me out on my belts, he’s always like, “Just belt it, like you always say.””
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I don’t look at paparazzi photos. And most of my friends don’t want to be photographed, so they walk four feet to the side. If you see a photo of me laughing, that’s why – because my friends don’t want to walk with me.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I love to mix colors. For me, I don’t have a rule, like “you can’t wear silver and gold.” You can mix it.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “Fashion has always been in my life, thanks to my mother and my aunt growing up. I think as I became an adult, my style evolved, and my love of fashion evolved even more.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “We all enjoy being comfy, but my comfy – you know, I love a nice, cozy cashmere sweater and spandex, sure.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I spend the first half of my day dealing with Europe because of the time difference. Then in the evening my website gets my undivided attention.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I kind of took inspiration from my time in Paris. That was kind of the real time when I discovered European fashion. It’s stuck with me since University.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “It’s really on the streets, if I’m in a car, or I’m walking by, and I see a girl. And you can see it, on her face, you can see it in her step and the way that she moves and flows, and you’re like: “You go girl.” And it’s fun, and sometimes you just have to go up and be like, “You look fantastic!””
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I really get inspired by stylish girls around the world that I see on the street. Colors, patterns, throughout my travels, whatever catches my eye.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “Growing up, I wanted to be a sports commentator. Then my aunt introduced me to the fashion industry, and everything sort of fell into place.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “It’s always great to have two inspirations, one that has more of an editorial purpose and one for more of an everyday, wearable approach.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I’m a much nicer person, much more laid-back and relaxed, not serious like they show me.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I love the mid-length skirt. That’s really appropriate, you can wear that in many different day occasions.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I always have a vision when I go in, I always know what I want to do.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “The time eras that I really like are more on ’50s and ’60s.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I get my inspiration from young stylish girls I see all over my travels.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “A lot of the time, if I have samples, I can’t tailor a sample. Or, I might have just bought something and I don’t have time to go to the tailor, there are ways to take thin, skinny belts and layer them, and do quick little fixes.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I definitely take inspiration from runway trends but also throughout my travels, I see editorials all over in all of the different publications.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “I always like to play with a lot of color. Color is great.”
Olivia Palermo Quote: “Sometimes belts are flattering, and it helps with proportions.”
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