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Top 20 Olivia Waite Quotes (2024 Update)

Olivia Waite Quote: “I am tired of twisting myself into painful shapes for mere scraps of respect or consideration. Tired of bending this way and that in search of approval that will only ever be half granted.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “The moment we raised our eyes to the heavens is the very moment we became, if something less than angels, still something more than animal.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “Women’s ideas are treated as though they sprung from nowhere, to be claimed by the first man who comes along. Every generation had women stand up and ask to be counted – and every generation of brilliant, insightful, educated men has raised a hand and wiped those women’s names from the greater historical record.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “Why cast about for artful phrases when there were much better things to do with one’s mouth?”
Olivia Waite Quote: “The point of fashion is not for the gentlemen: they call it trivial because they cannot bear the thought of women having a whole silent language between themselves.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “Moonlight silvered the long line of Lucy’s back as she sank to her knees – not submissively, as one conquered, but as a queen kneels at a coronation.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “Time tumbled you forward, no matter how hard you fought to stay put.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “Every generation had women stand up and ask to be counted – and every generation of brilliant, insightful, educated men has raised a hand and wiped those women’s names from the greater historical record.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “We thought we were separate satellites, but we aren’t. We’re stars, and though we might burn separately, we’ll always be in one another’s orbit.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “It was as though someone had taken the case off the universe, and let the reader peer at the naked machinery that powered the stars.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “You could never mistake the sound of true grief, once you had felt it yourself. It made the mettle of the soul ring in sympathy, like one bell softly chiming whenever its neighbor was struck.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “I was writing as though I were explaining it all to you.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “The inescapable truth: women could fall in love with other women.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “Sometimes I think the truest proof of genius is not just what one great mind produces with it, but what it draws out of the others who encounter it.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “Maybe an artist is simply one who does an artist’s work, over and over. A process, not a paragon.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “You could take a robin, put it in a cage, and carry it with you around the world- but if you never opened the cage door, how much of a difference would you have made to the robin’s life? All it would know was the view through the bars.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “I thought if I were quiet enough, I would feel stronger. Instead I only felt small, and ignored, and lonelier than ever, until you. I think it’s time I stopped making a habit of silence. I think it’s time I stood up, on a stage, and made people listen.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “She ought to have paid more attention to her own self before now. She ought to have allowed herself to want things.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “They don’t let you have anything whole, you know. If you don’t follow the pattern. You have to find your happiness in bits and pieces instead. But it can still add up to something beautiful.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “Our botanist plucked the flowers and named them after himself. And my new husband swept aside all the offerings to the dead and set up his telescope on the altar, because the offering was clear of trees and he wanted the best vantage into the skies. When one of the islanders protested, and tried to push George away, Captain Lateshaw had the man flogged. Because order had to be maintained.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “When she’d looked at Lucy and narrowed her eyes in that evaluating way, Lucy had gone a bit breathless. She’d felt like a book pulled down from the shelf, splayed open by a determined reader, and held firmly in place until she gave up all her secrets.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “Truth doesn’t belong to any one scholar: it requires all of us.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “Nothing in the universe stands alone. Everything is connected – in real, mathematical, provable ways – across the span of the entire cosmos. As long as we live, we influence one another. You and these women you’ve rediscovered... but also you and me. I was wrong to ask you to leave. To say there could be nothing permanent between us. We’re already forever.”
Olivia Waite Quote: “Even a love in mourning still had sparks in it.”
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