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Paul Smith Quotes

Paul Smith Quote: “When life closes a door, God opens a window.”
Paul Smith Quote: “You can find inspiration in everything. If you can’t, then you’re not looking properly.”
Paul Smith Quote: “Stop making sense. Logic is predictable. Think differently.”
Paul Smith Quote: “Experience is the best teacher. A compelling story is a close second.”
Paul Smith Quote: “Many people look but they do not see.”
Paul Smith Quote: “Christianity began in Palestine as an experience, it moved to Greece and became a philosophy, it moved to Italy and became an institution, it moved to Europe and became a culture, and it moved to America and became a business! We’ve left the experience long behind.”
Paul Smith Quote: “What I adore is mixing the unexpected, things you don’t imagine should go together.”
Paul Smith Quote: “There’s always an important person who helps support your interests and encourages you.”
Paul Smith Quote: “People, even children, aren’t really afraid of change. They’re afraid of not being prepared for change.”
Paul Smith Quote: “Don’t dress for fashion, dress for yourself.”
Paul Smith Quote: “The pastors and ministry leaders came away energized to have voter registration drives at their churches and motivated to encourage their congregations to “vote their values.””
Paul Smith Quote: “When knowledge is scant or conflicting, folklore takes over.”
Paul Smith Quote: “I think there were some programs but in those days art programs were kind of basic. You would do drawing and simple collage type work. But at home I was beginning to get interested in doing my own thing as well. I’m not sure what inspired this, but I became very interested in decorating things.”
Paul Smith Quote: “Upon graduation, in the yearbook I was voted “Most likely to succeed.” which I know was credited to my artistic achievements.”
Paul Smith Quote: “It was only when I got to high school and was in the art program that my artistic talent was recognized. The art program was directed by a wonderful and a very important person in my life – Charlotte Ranger, who was referred to as Mrs. Ranger. She had been teaching in the school for many years.”
Paul Smith Quote: “In a social studies class I did a paper on the history of Attica, which ended up being a little book that I created.”
Paul Smith Quote: “I was always busy doing something, being an only child.”
Paul Smith Quote: “We’ve got a nation of people who have one eye looking out for the next speed camera, another looking for a speed limit sign and another looking at the speedometer – which is a bit of a shame, when you only have two eyes.”
Paul Smith Quote: “I was painting furniture, learning to stencil, and explore all kinds of traditional techniques of decoration. I learned from books that I picked up.”
Paul Smith Quote: “The environment itself was culturally a vacuum, in that there was simply nothing that would inspire me in the arts. But my parents were always very supportive of anything that I explored or wanted to do.”
Paul Smith Quote: “I think it was interesting that when you’re in those formative years you respond to things that interest you and don’t always know where they lead. But they accumulate and add up to something that enriches your later life or leads you to some new experience.”
Paul Smith Quote: “At home, the radio was a big source and the classic radio programs we would listen to like Amos and Andy and whatever other ones there were.”
Paul Smith Quote: “At school there were some programs in music. I did take piano lessons, and we had a piano at home. I got very interested in that.”
Paul Smith Quote: “Going back to the elementary school days, I was always drawing. I entered a Victory poster competition and won the top award that recognized my artistic instincts.”
Paul Smith Quote: “My parents never prevented me from doing anything, but they didn’t have the knowledge of the arts that Mrs. Ranger had.”
Paul Smith Quote: “The Japanese are hard to understand, but once you do the world is your oyster.”
Paul Smith Quote: “Maybe that’s what I’ve based my career on: getting up earlier than everyone else so I get an extra couple of hours.”
Paul Smith Quote: “I know that I was conscious of all the aspects of the war, having had cousins who were in the army, who would send me notes and memorabilia. I began to collect things that they would send me.”
Paul Smith Quote: “Fortunately, I had cousins who lived in Buffalo and would often go to visit them, which I loved to do because I liked Buffalo as it was a big city. Even today, the bigger the city, the better.”
Paul Smith Quote: “The true Guru and Govind are but only One, and all who exist are but rays of that Sun:.”
Paul Smith Quote: “Even today, the bigger the city, the better. That’s why I live in New York.”
Paul Smith Quote: “In thinking back, not having any experience in any other elementary school, there may have been an advantage of being with different age groups to benefit from what they were learning in a more advanced capacity. With a small group like that, there was a lot of one-to-one teaching.”
Paul Smith Quote: “I was always making things. I made model airplanes and did a number of hands-on activities. I liked creating in some form or another, not realizing what it was all about.”
Paul Smith Quote: “Being born in ’31 was during the Depression and in my earlier youth World War II took place – so it was not the best of times, and yet I don’t recall ever having experiences that were a burden.”
Paul Smith Quote: “At one point I had dreams of being in the school band, but I didn’t play an instrument that qualified me, and that was a problem. I always had fantasies to be part of that, but I did take my piano lessons quite seriously.”
Paul Smith Quote: “I learned from books that I picked up. That was something that just came out of nowhere but continued to be an attraction. So there was a continuum of my interest in the arts and involvement in creating that was strong enough that it later blossomed into much more.”
Paul Smith Quote: “I became a bit of a teacher’s pet, and it became known in the school by both faculty and students that I really excelled in the arts. So that recognition I credit for my growing interest in art that continued to evolve later on.”
Paul Smith Quote: “There was a certain amount of discipline, I think; my parents wanted to be sure that I was not just sitting around doing nothing.”
Paul Smith Quote: “I was engaged in all the required courses of math and geometry, but the area that I blossomed in was the art program.”
Paul Smith Quote: “There were neighbors that I played with and did all the things that children do. I did mow the lawn. I did help with various things that needed to be done to occupy my time.”
Paul Smith Quote: “Charles Burchfield was exceptional. As such an accomplished artist, he had limited previous association with academia and teaching.”
Paul Smith Quote: “I developed friends in the community that were in walking distance or a bicycle ride away, so that I socialized and did a lot of things that children do in their early years.”
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