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Paul Weller Quotes

Paul Weller Quote: “I’m always looking forward to what I’m doing now, and what’s ahead.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I’m still a mod, I’ll always be a mod, you can bury me a mod.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I don’t feel old or young, I just am.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I think you have to satisfy yourself first and foremost.”
Paul Weller Quote: “There’s more to distract people, isn’t there? When I was a kid there was music and football and clothes. And that was kind of it, really. Those three things defined you as a person.”
Paul Weller Quote: “You can’t live a lie. You have to follow your heart.”
Paul Weller Quote: “You have to keep challenging yourself. I’ve always tried to do that, and I’m not saying I’ve always been successful. Maybe I’ve rewritten the same song; it’s inevitable, but I’ve always been mindful of taking the writing somewhere else. You can’t stick in your little comfort zone.”
Paul Weller Quote: “Life is a drink and you get drunk when you’re young.”
Paul Weller Quote: “People say that if you’re still angry at 52, you’re not an angry young man, just a grumpy old git.”
Paul Weller Quote: “When I lived in a little flat in Pimlico in 1981, I’d write in the hallway. As you walked in, there was a tiny little recess type thing, hardly a hallway, really, and I’d sit there writing songs with my guitar.”
Paul Weller Quote: “You can listen to music at any moment in the day or night. Which is great, but I think it kind of devalues it as well.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I had a total belief in The Style Council. I meant every word and felt every action.”
Paul Weller Quote: “When you look at so much of what we all love, there’s either soul-based to it, or it’s the blues. It’s really the beginnings of any kind of music. It really is; it all starts there. Because after that, it’s music of the moment.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I don’t like the royal family, I don’t like the establishment, I don’t like the civil service.”
Paul Weller Quote: “No man should have cowboys boots in his wardrobe. That’s fair enough, isn’t it? Unless you’re a cowboy, of course.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I’m so lucky, I’m just really grateful for what I’ve got around me – children and my wife and everything else.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I saw an interview with Keith Richards. He said, ‘How else could a kid in Dartford suddenly connect with and understand what Muddy Waters is singing?’ There’s a cultural difference, but there’s just something in that music that subconsciously or internally you just understand; it just makes sense.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I never get too many problems. You can never please everyone anyway, obviously. And some people take the easy route and just play the greatest hits, and their audience is happy to hear that as well, and that’s fine, but it wouldn’t please me. But it doesn’t trouble me.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I play out my role, I’ve even been out walking -They tell me that it helps, but I know when I’m beaten...”
Paul Weller Quote: “I love soul music, that’s my real love in life and in whatever shape or form it is.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I could write songs about politics, but I’m conscious of not writing songs that sound the same as the ones I wrote 30 years ago.”
Paul Weller Quote: “The Jam were a good band, however I feel that the Style Council were better. A lot of people I know will disagree with me. Some things we did with The Style Council were misinterpreted or over their heads.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I wear jeans and a T-shirt sometimes. I just like clothes – since the first time I can remember, like age ten or eleven; I was just obsessed with music and clothes. Just like a lot of people in England from my generation.”
Paul Weller Quote: “Pop music was supposed to be a flash in the pan, but here we are 50 years later and it means something to us, and it always will do. It’s incredibly important.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I could say that ‘Exile On Main Street’ was my favourite or whatever, but I’m more about the songs and the artists and the sound that they bring.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I don’t really wanna talk about politics, I’m not clever enough.”
Paul Weller Quote: “The whole thing with eastern music and instruments, I love all that stuff.”
Paul Weller Quote: “There’s such a wealth of great music, clothes or whatever. There is so much great stuff out there, that why would you not still be interested if you’ve grown up in that kind of culture?”
Paul Weller Quote: “Everyone gets frustrated and aggressive, and I’d sooner take my aggression out on a guitar than on a person.”
Paul Weller Quote: “If you gave me a fresh carnation, I would only crush its tender petals...”
Paul Weller Quote: “I don’t like to get pigeonholed. I don’t like it when people think they have you sewn up.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I have to do what I’m doing at the time. That’s the most important thing. You might lose some people along the way, and you might gain other people on the way, that’s just the way it is. But nevertheless, if you’re driven by something, there is no argument about it; that’s what you have to do.”
Paul Weller Quote: “There’s this British elegance that we, at times, have really missed in the States. We’ve always been more of a sportswear culture.”
Paul Weller Quote: “Sometimes you’re ahead of the game and sometimes people don’t get it and that’s just one of those things you have to accept and carry on.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I think anybody goes through a crisis of confidence from time to time. You have to kind of doubt yourself, sometimes. It’s the way forward.”
Paul Weller Quote: “The Beatles changed the world. They certainly changed my world, and many, many other individuals as well.”
Paul Weller Quote: “People say you make your best work when in despair, but I think happiness is a good place to write from.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I’m not big on rap, to be honest. I just don’t get it. It’s angry people shouting. I like a song, melodies, people singing.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I think politicians are so far out of step with what people really want.”
Paul Weller Quote: “The way that house music has become so white and so sanitized over the decades and the fact it’s still going on, well I think it’s sad really, but at the time I really loved it. I loved all the black house music that was coming out of Chicago and New Jersey, which I just thought was really soulful.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I suppose it’s nice to have some surprise in life and to surprise yourself in life and see what else you can do.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I’m fine with being thought of as a guitar player, and if I can get any recognition or respect for doing that, that’s a pretty good thing for me.”
Paul Weller Quote: “When I’m dead, I wanna leave a body of work, like authors or great painters do.”
Paul Weller Quote: “Even somebody like The Black Keys or Royal Blood, they all have this original roots base to what they do.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I think people are just really disappointed, disappointed with Blair as well, who’s just like Bush’s lapdog. I think everyone’s just disillusioned with politics in our country, and it must be the same in your country.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I was always taught as a kid that if there’s anything you want in life, you’ve got to work towards it. I guess that sort of stayed with me, really.”
Paul Weller Quote: “I only put an album out every two or three years.”
Paul Weller Quote: “Why not go down the pub? A guy once came up to me at a gig and asked me if I had MySpace. I said, ‘This is my space, and you’re invading it.’”
Paul Weller Quote: “It’s always good to play New York. The Apollo is a great gig. I loved that.”
Paul Weller Quote: “Coming from a little suburban town, I wasn’t a hip city kid. I was quite the opposite, really. Songs like ‘Saturday’s Kids’ rang a bell for kids all over the country. That song was about the kids I grew up with.”
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