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Top 250 Pearl S. Buck Quotes (2022 Update)
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Pearl S. Buck Quote: “Just as he lived with them alive, he will live with them dead. Someday he will accept their death as part of his life. He will weep no more. He will carry them in his memory and his thoughts. His flesh and blood are part of them. So long as he is alive, they, too, will live in him. The big wave came, but it went away. The sun shines again, birds sing, and earth flowers.”
Pearl S. Buck Quote: “I am never better pleased than when I know a book of mine can be bought for fifty cents or, better still, for twenty-five. No people can be educated or even cultivated until books are cheap enough for everybody to buy.”
Pearl S. Buck Quote: “Whatever came to him was good. It was life. It was knowledge.”
Pearl S. Buck Quote: “I do not blame you, child, for growing up,” she announced. “But I teach you this: Whatever happens is always the woman’s fault.”
Pearl S. Buck Quote: “When foreigners come into a nation, the best way is to make them no longer foreign. That is to say, let us marry our young together and let there be children. War is costly, love is cheap.”
Pearl S. Buck Quote: “Can one spit on a smiling face?” he inquired; or he said, “Vengeance cannot last a night’s sleep.”
Pearl S. Buck Quote: “Ah well, Liang was her husband and she would never have another. Even had she been young and beautiful she would not have run from man to man as women did nowadays. But she was neither young nor beautiful and she was grateful for Liang. It was honorable to be his wife, and if he had a peevish temper at home, he might have been worse. He had never beaten her, and she had learned, after all these years, how to torture him.”
Pearl S. Buck Quote: “And from that time on the boys were no longer called Elder and Younger, but they were given school names by the old teacher, and this old man, after inquiring into the occupation of their father, erected two names for the sons; for the elder, Nung En, and for the second Nung Wen, and the first word of each name signified one whose wealth is from the earth.”
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