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Top 25 Pedro Domingos Quotes (2023 Update)

Pedro Domingos Quote: “It’s not man versus machine; it’s man with machine versus man without. Data and intuition are like horse and rider, and you don’t try to outrun a horse; you ride it.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Noise in machine learning just means errors in the data, or random events that you can’t predict.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Our beliefs are based on our experience, which gives us a very incomplete picture of the world, and it’s easy to jump to false conclusions.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Each of the five tribes of machine learning has its own master algorithm, a general-purpose learner that you can in principle use to discover knowledge from data in any domain. The symbolists’ master algorithm is inverse deduction, the connectionists’ is backpropagation, the evolutionaries’ is genetic programming, the Bayesians’ is Bayesian inference, and the analogizers’ is the support vector machine.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “People worry that computers will get too smart and take over the world, but the real problem is that they’re too stupid and they’ve already taken over the world.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Learning algorithms are the seeds, data is the soil, and the learned programs are the grown plants. The machine-learning expert is like a farmer, sowing the seeds, irrigating and fertilizing the soil, and keeping an eye on the health of the crop but otherwise staying out of the way.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “For a Bayesian, in fact, there is no such thing as the truth; you have a prior distribution over hypotheses, after seeing the data it becomes the posterior distribution, as given by Bayes’ theorem, and that’s all.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Believe it or not, every algorithm, no matter how complex, can be reduced to just these three operations: AND, OR, and NOT.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Machine learning will not single-handedly determine the future, any more than any other technology; it’s what we decide to do with it that counts, and now you have the tools to decide.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Society is changing, one learning algorithm at a time.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “As so often happens in computer science, we’re willing to sacrifice efficiency for generality.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “You could even say that the God of Genesis himself is a programmer: language, not manipulation, is his tool of creation. Words become worlds.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “People often think computers are all about numbers, but they’re not. Computers are all about logic.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Michelangelo said that all he did was see the statue inside the block of marble and carve away the excess stone until the statue was revealed. Likewise, an algorithm carves away the excess transistors in the computer until the intended function is revealed, whether it’s an airliner’s autopilot or a new Pixar movie. An.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “God created not species but the algorithm for creating species.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Our search for the Master Algorithm is complicated, but also enlivened, by the rival schools of thought that exist within machine learning. The main ones are the symbolists, connectionists, evolutionaries, Bayesians, and analogizers. Each tribe has a set of core beliefs, and a particular problem that it cares most about. It has found a solution to that problem, based on ideas from its allied fields of science, and it has a master algorithm that embodies it.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “A good learner is forever walking the narrow path between blindness and hallucination.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Listen to your customers, not to the HiPPO,” HiPPO being short for “highest paid person’s opinion.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “If you had witnessed life on Earth up to ten thousand years ago, that would not have prepared you for what was to come.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “If you’re a lazy and not-too-bright computer scientist, machine learning is the ideal occupation, because learning algorithms do all the work but let you take all the credit.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Common sense is important not just because your mom taught you so, but because computers don’t have it.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Homo sapiens is the species that adapts the world to itself instead of adapting itself to the world.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Knowledge is traded in both directions – manually entered knowledge for use in learners, induced knowledge for addition to knowledge bases – but at the end of the day the rationalist-empiricist fault line runs right down that border, and crossing it is not easy.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Our goal is to figure out the simplest program we can write such that it will continue to write itself by reading data, without limit, until it knows everything there is to know.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Learning is forgetting the details as much as it is remembering the important parts.”
Pedro Domingos Quote: “Machine learners, like all scientists, resemble the blind men and the elephant: one feels the trunk and thinks it’s a snake, another leans against the leg and thinks it’s a tree, yet another touches the tusk and thinks it’s a bull. Our aim is to touch each part without jumping to conclusions; and once we’ve touched all of them, we will try to picture the whole elephant.”
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