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Top 80 Penelope Cruz Quotes (2023 Update)

Penelope Cruz Quote: “You cannot live your life looking at yourself from someone else’s point of view.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “My ambition is to be happy.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “My definition of beauty is without rules. It can be the face of a beautiful 90-year-old woman that is full of stories and emotion. Beauty is what somebody’s eyes communicate.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I think magic is very related to happiness. So it is not there all the time, but there are beautiful moments of magic in everyone’s life.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I have a strong personality, and I say what I think.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I want to work with Johnny Depp.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “Calcutta is like another world. People there are very special and grateful.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “All those cliches, those things you hear about having a baby and motherhood – all of them are true. And all of them are the most beautiful things you will ever experience.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “The good thing is that I have always had wonderful people around me. It’s dangerous when you start earning a lot of money and you become famous when you are too young.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “Awards are great, as you get to meet up with friends and colleagues from your industry – a sort of reunion.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “We need to stop the dying and start the living; stop the hunger and start the hoping.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I came to Los Angeles for the first time in 1994. I spoke no English. I only knew how to say two sentences: ‘How are you?’ and ‘I want to work with Johnny Depp.’”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I think superstition has a lot to do with fear: the less, the better.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I want to have babies one day but not right now. When I do it I want to do it really well. I want it to be my best project in life.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “Madrid is what I call home, but also the States.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I was 11 when I first said I wanted to become an actress, and everyone looked at me as if I had said I wanted to go to the moon.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “There’s so much more I want to do. I refuse to get to 50 and wait at home for the phone to ring. In Spain, actresses work until they are old. That’s my plan.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I am a big fan of photography, more of being behind the camera – so when I get the opportunity to work with such great photographers, I always try and learn from their technique.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I don’t think I am beautiful. I can look good and I can look ugly.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I think it will be better when I get involved with someone again, because I made this time for me. I haven’t really been single for a while, and I think it’s been good for me, to lose the fear to be like this.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “When I was 16, I got ‘Jamon, Jamon.’ Of course, I had to lie about my age. And I had to lie to my parents about the content of the script.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “He can have my body, but he will never have my soul. never!”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “My plate is full with just acting. I want to focus on that, and then maybe direct in the future.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “Every relationship ends, until maybe you find one that lasts forever.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “Age holds absolutely no fear for me. There is so much enjoyment ahead.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “For ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona,’ for example, Woody Allen is one of the greatest American directors, and we really had a very good working relationship. We understand each other really well. He gave me one of the best opportunities somebody has ever given me in my career.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “The discipline that ballet requires is obsessive. And only the ones who dedicate their whole lives are able to make it. Your toenails fall off and you peel them away and then you’re asked to dance again and keep smiling. I wanted to become a professional ballet dancer.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I can cook a little bit. I can cook a few Spanish dishes. But, in movies, it looks like I cook much better than I cook.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I don’t know if I believe in marriage. I believe in family, love and children.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I would always cast Meryl Streep for everything. I would do with something inspired by the work of Guy Bourdin, my favorite photographer.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I had a very curly perm in the ’80s, thanks to the ‘Way You Make Me Feel’ Michael Jackson video. I liked the girl in it.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “The most difficult thing in the world is to start a career known only for your looks, and then to try to become a serious actress. No one will take you seriously once you are known as the pretty woman.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “In my everyday life, I just wear jeans, t-shirts and trainers – if I can go barefoot, that’s even better. But for the events I have a stylist, and in two hours we have selected a whole outfit.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I spend so much time living by myself – mostly in hotels – and I pick up cats when I’m feeling particularly lonely.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve worried too much. It always bothers me because sometimes you end up worrying more about the worry and you are not resolving things that are right there in front of you. I have been like that all my life, and it’s hard to change.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I had things with numbers – because I love numbers – but it’s not something I’m proud of. I’m proud that I was able to send them away, because you’re much more present.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I never want to lie about my age. If I look around at the actresses I admire, they are all women who have not fought growing older, but embraced it and been proud of it – women like Sophia Loren or Audrey Hepburn.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I’m strong and opinionated. Those qualities brought me a lot of problems since I was a little girl in school, saying ‘I don’t agree’ and fighting with the children. It’s part of my curiosity for life.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “One thing that I am proud of: I am really capable of laughing at myself.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I’m not like Puff Daddy, I hold my own umbrella.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I won’t go to places where you’re going to find more attention. I go to the opposite.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I want to be remembered as somebody that tried to respect her integrity as an artist and as a person. And I don’t want to be in any box. I don’t want to be one thing.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “My parents owned a hair salon, so I learned a few tricks there. I can cut people’s hair – if they let me.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I have a little bit of an addiction to work. So I’m always hiding in the bathroom with my Blackberry to work when I’m on holiday.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I never grew up dreaming about a wedding – I don’t think about things like that. I don’t know how to explain it. All I care about is to be happy.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “When I start a movie, the first day, I feel like a duck.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I’ve seen my grandmothers grow old and they are so beautiful, every wrinkle in their face tells a story. I want to feel that in 30 years. I would always choose that kind of beauty over that comes from having too much done to yourself.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I have had a very singular kind of life since I started working so young, so I am very used to traveling, working, taking time for myself.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “I don’t know why, but women in a hair salon share their deepest secrets.”
Penelope Cruz Quote: “The most important lesson I’ve learned in this business is how to say no. I have said no to a lot of temptations, and I am glad I did.”
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