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Top 15 Percy Cerutty Quotes (2023 Update)

Percy Cerutty Quote: “Run hard, be strong, think big!”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “Hard things take time to do. Impossible things take a little longer.”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “Vincit qui patitur: he conquers, who endures.”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “Pain is the purifier. Love pain. Embrace pain.”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “Thus I urge you to go onto your greatness if you believe it is in you. Think deeply and separate what you wish from what you are prepared to do.”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “I’m not interested in athletics, I’m only interested in achievement. Fix your goal and work for it.”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “If it hurts, make it hurt more.”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “To be great, one does not have to be mad, but definitely it helps.”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “Great people and great athletes realize early in their lives their destiny, and accept it. Even if they do not consciously realize the how, the where, the what.”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “Endurance? You’ve only got to get out there and do it. Face up to it: man was meant to run.”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “Runners don’t run with their legs, they run ON their legs. In reality, they run with their Arms!”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “If you die, I will bury you in the sandhills with all the other runners.”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “The mastery of the true self, and the refusal to permit others to dominate us, is the ultimate in living and self-expression in athletics.”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “If the coach cannot do it, he cannot ‘teach’ it-only talk about it.”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “But don’t forget my ideas are only what’s been written down in history by the great people of the world who’ve gone before. All I’ve done is condense the wisdom of the world into an attitude for athletics. Athletics aren’t just running, it’s a way of life.”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “The introduction of resistance in form of sand and hill is too important to be ignored.”
Percy Cerutty Quote: “While a man is racing he must hate himself and his competitors.”
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