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Top 15 Pete Hautman Quotes (2024 Update)

Pete Hautman Quote: “The first step to success it’s to imagine it.”
Pete Hautman Quote: “Yes, books are dangerous. They should be dangerous – they contain ideas.”
Pete Hautman Quote: “The dead live in our memories.”
Pete Hautman Quote: “I know that the World is a terrible place, filled with wild animals and evil men and wicked woman.”
Pete Hautman Quote: “We connect through our dreams. Like we could be a thousand miles apart and I’d still know you were there.”
Pete Hautman Quote: “I suppose if we forgot stuff we’ll never know we forgot it, because we won’t remember.”
Pete Hautman Quote: “Destiny? My destiny is what I make of it!”
Pete Hautman Quote: “We were defined by what we did. What we had to do. I think this is why guys like football, and why they join the army, because as long as you are playing the game or following orders you do not have to figure out who you really are.”
Pete Hautman Quote: “Guys have four personalities: the one they use with their parents, the one they use around other adults, the one they use for talking to girls, and the one they use for hanging with their friends. Leakage between the various personality types can cause serious problems.”
Pete Hautman Quote: “Later it might see moronic, but at that time it all made perfect sense.”
Pete Hautman Quote: “I don’t know and probably never will know enough about the true nature of the universe to tell anyone else what to believe, and I’ve come to distrust the words of those who have presumed to do so.”
Pete Hautman Quote: “I didn’t know what to say, but one thing was for sure: The Bank of Ted was closed.”
Pete Hautman Quote: “How do you know it’s not true if you don’t believe in it?”
Pete Hautman Quote: “So who are you today?”
Pete Hautman Quote: “So I sit and endure the stares and the pangs and twinges of Catholic guilt, knowing that I am doing the right thing if I’m right, and the right thing even if I’m wrong. Being Catholic is hard. Being ex-Catholic is even harder.”
Pete Hautman Quote: “You already have the capacity to travel through time. Simply wait for the future to arrive.”
Pete Hautman Quote: “I label Derek an idiot, I label Bridgette an overachieving priss-butt, I label Arfie a dog, and I label myself the beef in a SooperSlider.”
Pete Hautman Quote: “Murphy’s face went through several mutations as he spoke, as if small animals were scurrying about just beneath his skin.”
Pete Hautman Quote: “Dan is my ordinary friend. Everybody should have at least one ordinary friend and Dan is as ordinary as they come. He is so ordinary that most people have to meet him six or seven times before they remember his name.”
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