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Top 30 Peter Høeg Quotes (2024 Update)

Peter Høeg Quote: “Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “There is one way to understand another culture. Living it. Move into it, ask to be tolerated as a guest, learn the language.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “If you want to support others you have to stay upright yourself.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “I feel the same way about solitude as some people feel about the blessing of the church. It’s the light of grace for me. I never close my door behind me without the awareness that I am carrying out an act of mercy toward myself.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “It may be necessary to stand on the outside of one is to see things clearly.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “I’ve had the privilege of learning foreign languages. Instead of merely speaking a watered-down form of my mother tongue, like most people, I’m also helpless in two or three other languages.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “We all try to camouflage the monotony, But it takes a lot of energy. To insist on being special all the time. When we’re so much like one another anyway. Our triumphs are the same. Our pain. Try for a moment to feel what relief there is in the ordinary.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “Under certain circumstances the fateful decisions in life, sometimes even in matters of life and death, are made with an almost indifferent ease. While the little things-for instance, the way people hang on to what is over-seem so important.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “The fear for oneself, that one can do something about. Upon it one can turn the light of awareness. But when one is no longer worrying about oneself, then the fear comes for other people and, after that, for the world. There are no fearless people, only fearless moments.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “I’m no expert on types of cars. As far as i’m concerned, you could send all the cars in the world through a compactor and shoot them out into the stratosphere and put them in orbit around Mars. Except, of course, the taxis that have to be at my disposal when I need them.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “Confronted with people who have power, and who enjoy using it, I turn into a different person, a baser and meaner one.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “Whining is a virus, a lethal, infectious, epidemic disease.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “I don’t fall in love anymore. Just like I don’t get the mumps.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “The body’s pain is so paper-thin and insignificant compared to that of the mind.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “Grief is a gift, something you have to earn.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “To want to understand is an attempt to recapture something we have lost.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “Love has something to do with recognition, We can be fascinated by the unknown, we can be attracted by it, but love is something that grows, slowly, in an atmosphere of trust.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “She was transparent, like a watercolor. As if she were about to dissolve in sound, in tones not yet created.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “I like him. I have a weakness for losers. Invalids, foreigners, the fat boy of the class, the ones nobody ever wants to dance with. My heart beats for them. Maybe because I’ve always known that in some way I will forever be one of them.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “We sat there and I knew that this was how it felt to be totally accepted. You sit close to another person and are understood, everything is understood and nothing is judged and you are indispensable.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “The motive for our actions doesn’t lie ahead of us. It’s something behind us that we’re trying to escape.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “We think there are limits to the dimensions of fear. Until we encounter the unknown. Then we can all feel boundless amounts of terror.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “The problem with anger against God is that it’s impossible to go higher in the system to complain.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “Some thoughts have glue on them. – -Smilla.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “People under thirty haven’t yet stopped believing that something wonderful can suddenly happen.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “I’m not crying about anything or anyone in particular. The life I live I created for myself, and I wouldn’t want it any different. I cry because in the universe there is something as beautiful as Kremer playing the Brains violin concerto.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “Never do I close my door behind me without being conscious that I am carrying out an act of charity towards myself.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “Perhaps it’s true that love is eternal. But it’s appearance changes all the time.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “It’s these small differences in people’s karma that determine if we get up or remain lying on the ground.”
Peter Høeg Quote: “The great systems that inform the world about the truth and life invariably claim to be absolutely truthful and well-balanced. In reality they are quaking bridges built out of yearning.”
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