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Top 280 Philip Pullman Quotes (2022 Update)
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Philip Pullman Quote: “I have suffered enough.” “Oh, there is more suffering to come. We have a thousand years of experience in this Church of ours. We can draw out your suffering endlessly. Tell us about the child,” Mrs. Coulter said, and reached down to break one of the witch’s fingers. It snapped easily.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “At one point he seemed to be showing the moon to Lyra, pointing up at it and holding her so she could see, or perhaps he was showing Lyra to the moon; at any rate he looked like a lord in his own domain, with nothing to fear and all the silvery night to enjoy.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Then excuse me, Miss Silver, but they have separated their intelligences from their other faculties. And that is not an intelligent thing to do.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “He was liked when noticed, but not noticed much, and that did him no harm either.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Lyra has never seen such a sight, never heard such a bellow; it was like a mountain laughing.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Seems to me the place to fight cruelty is where you find it, and the place you give help is where you see it needed.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “I stay here and drink spirits because the men here took my armor away, and without that, I can hunt seals but I can’t go to war; and I am an armored bear; war is the sea I swim in and the air I breathe.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “You en’t gyptian, Lyra. You might pass for gyptian with practice, but there’s more to us than gyptian language. There’s deeps in us and strong currents. We’re water people all through, and you en’t, you’re a fire person. What you’re most like is marsh fire, that’s the place you have in the gyptian scheme. You got witch oil in your soul. Deceptive, that’s what you are child.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Just finished ‘Secrecy’ – truly enthralling both as a love story and as a tale of suspense – but much more than both.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “The state of mind which I put myself when I tell a story is one in which superstition flourishes very easily. And I welcome that because it helps me.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “It’s important to put it like that: not “I am a writer,” but rather “I write stories.” If you put the emphasis on yourself rather than your work, you’re in danger of thinking that you’re the most important thing. But you’re not. The story is what matters, and you’re only the servant. Your job is to get it out on time and in good order.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “D’you know how embarrassing it is to mention good and evil in a scientific laboratory? Have you any idea? One of the reasons I became a scientist was not to have to think about that kind of thing.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Words belong in contexts, not pegged out like biological specimens.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “That is what the Church does, and every church is the same: control, destroy, obliterate every good feeling.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “A story, to me, has a particular sprite, like the angel of the spirit of that story – and it’s my job to attend to what it wants to do.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “It might have been a new way for her heart to beat.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “She has committed great sins, but they’ve been forgiven, and that’s why she loves so deeply.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Beacause if they think the Dust is bad, it must be good.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Even if it means oblivion, friends, I’ll welcome it, because it won’t be nothing. We’ll be alive again in a thousand blades of grass, and a million leaves; we’ll be falling in the raindrops and blowing in the fresh breeze; we’ll be glittering in the dew under the stars and the moon out there in the physical world, which is our true home and always was.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Being cheerful starts now, Will thought as hard as he could, but it was like trying to hold a fighting wolf still in his arms when it wanted to claw at his face and tear out his throat; nevertheless, he did it, and he thought no one could see the effort it cost him.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Nothing is just anything.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Living was hateful, and death was no better, and from end to end of the universe this was the first and last and only truth.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “I’ve just read it so much, it memorized itself.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “The sight filled the northern sky; the immensity of it was scarcely conceivable. As if from Heaven itself, great curtains of delicate light hung and trembled. Pale green and rose-pink, and as transparent as the most fragile fabric, and at the bottom edge a profound and fiery crimson like the fires of Hell, they swung and shimmered loosely with more grace than the most skillful dancer.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Rooks were cawing somewhere, and bells were ringing, and from the oxpens the steady beat of a gas engine announced the ascent of the evening Royal Mail zeppelin for London.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “When you choose one way out of many, all the ways you don’t take are snuffed out like candles, as if they’d never existed. At that moment all Will’s choices existed at once. But to keep them all in existence meant doing nothing. He had to choose, after all.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “I’m with the Grimms on this: stories for young and old. You can’t characterize them any better than that.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “If I told you half of what he’s done to keep us alive and safe, well, you wouldn’t imagine it could be true.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Lyra swore with every word she knew.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “The Lord of the Rings’ is fundamentally an infantile work. Tolkien is not interested in the way grownup, adult human beings interact with each other. He’s interested in maps and plans and languages and codes.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Make a noise in there and I won’t help you. You’re on your own.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “It’s about wrong and less wrong. Bad and less bad.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “To be sure, there’s a warm passion behind what you say. But if you give in to that passion, friends, you’re a doing what I always warned you agin: you’re a placing the satisfaction of your own feelings above the work you have to do.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “It was a jaw cracking, lung-bursting yawn that lasted almost a minute.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “My only real claim to anyone’s attention lies in my writing.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “They could not have done it alone, but together they did it.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Still, Fritz was an optimist, and Karl was a pessimist, and that makes all the difference in the world.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Eve was tempted not by wealth or love but by knowledge.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Men pass in front of our eyes like butterflies, creatures of a brief season. We love them; they are brave, proud, beautiful, clever; and they die almost at once. They die so soon that our hearts are continually wracked with pain.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Perhaps some particles move backward in time; perhaps the future affects the past in some way we don’t understand; or perhaps the universe is simply more aware than we are.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Doesn’t it scare you having your death close by all the time?” said Lyra. “Why ever would it? If he’s there, you can keep an eye on him. I’d be a lot more nervous not knowing where he was.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “She had been hurt too when they pulled apart; one day, perhaps, they’d be able to talk about it...”
Philip Pullman Quote: “It was difficult to tell them the truth when a lie would have been so much easier for them to understand.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “In fact, these possibility collapses happen at the level of elementary particles, but they happen in just the same way: one moment several things are possible, the next moment only one thing happens, and the rest don’t exist. Except that other worlds have sprung into being, on which they did happen.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Whatever happened behind now was simply that: behind. Lyra had left it. She felt she was leaving the world altogether, so remote and intent she was, so high they were climbing, so strange and uncanny was the light that bathed them.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Which made her barefaced lies all the more effective, Lord Asriel thought with disgust; she lied in the very marrow of her bones.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “This is a deep and uncomfortable paradox, which will not have escaped you; we can only defend democracy by being undemocratic. Every secret service knows this paradox.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Finally, and almost simultaneously, the children discovered what it was like to be drunk. “Do they like doing this?” gasped Roger, after vomiting copiously. “Yes,” said Lyra, in the same condition. “And so do I,” she added stubbornly. Lyra.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Each kiss was nearer to the last one of all.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “All she knew was that she must be in love with someone, or she wouldn’t feel so miserable.”
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