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Top 280 Philip Pullman Quotes (2022 Update)
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Philip Pullman Quote: “In fact, these possibility collapses happen at the level of elementary particles, but they happen in just the same way: one moment several things are possible, the next moment only one thing happens, and the rest don’t exist. Except that other worlds have sprung into being, on which they did happen.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Which made her barefaced lies all the more effective, Lord Asriel thought with disgust; she lied in the very marrow of her bones.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Finally, and almost simultaneously, the children discovered what it was like to be drunk. “Do they like doing this?” gasped Roger, after vomiting copiously. “Yes,” said Lyra, in the same condition. “And so do I,” she added stubbornly. Lyra.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Each kiss was nearer to the last one of all.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “All she knew was that she must be in love with someone, or she wouldn’t feel so miserable.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “So they had language, and they had fire, and they had society. And about then she found an adjustment being made in her mind, as the word creatures became the word people. These beings weren’t human, but they were people, she told herself; it’s not them, they’re us. They.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “He nestled in her arms, and she knew she would rather die than let them be parted and face that sadness again; it would send her mad with grief and terror.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Novels and stories are not arguments; they set out not to convince, but to beguile.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Speaking for myself, I’ve always found great intelligence in a woman a highly attractive feature.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Whenever you turn your head, your deaths dodge behind you. Wherever you look, they hide. They hide in a teacup. Or in a dewdrop. Or in a breath of wind.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “You forget I am a woman, Your Eminence, and thus not so subtle as a prince of the Church.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “It might not be fair, but no one’s to blame.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Once we use the word spiritual, we don’t have to explain anymore, because it belongs to the Church then, and no one can question it.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “All writing is difficult. The most you can hope for is a day when it goes reasonably easily. Plumbers don’t get plumber’s block, and doctors don’t get doctor’s block; why should writers be the only profession that gives a special name to the difficulty of working, and then expects sympathy for it?”
Philip Pullman Quote: “By the light of a candle, he composed a letter, saying everything as briefly as possible:.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Like a wave that has been building it’s strength over a thousand miles of ocean, and which makes little stir in the deep water, but which, when it reaches the shallows rears itself high up into the sky, terrifying the shore dwellers, before crashing down on land with irresistible power – so Iorek Byrnison rose up against Iofur, exploding upward from his firm footing on the dry rock and slashing with a ferocious left hand at the exposed jaw of Iofur Raknison.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “The narrating voice that tells ‘Middlemarch’ is just as much a made-up character as Dorothea or Mr. Casaubon.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “A genuine scientist would love the subject for itself; I think I love science for the stories that are told about it.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “But we shouldn’t believe things because it makes us happy to, she thought. We should believe things because they’re true, and if that makes us unhappy, that’s very unfortunate, but it’s not the reason of fault.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “The effect was as if each teacher was being examined by a fierce inspector, and each lesson became an ordeal in which not the pupils but the teachers were being tested.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Was I wrong?” “Yes, of course. But you had no choice.” “I must have.” “No, you had to do it. If you hadn’t done it, you’d have felt feeble.” “It shouldn’t be about how we feel – guilty, feeble – ” “No, and it isn’t. It’s about wrong and less wrong. Bad and less bad. This is about as good a cover as anyone could find. Leave it at that.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “When you’re young, you do think that things last for ever. Unfortunately, they don’t.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “I guess you are,” said Lee. “You have a strange way about you, Dr Grumman. You ever spend any time among the witches?” “Yes,” said Grumman. “And among academicians, and among spirits. I found folly everywhere, but there were grains of wisdom in every stream of it. No doubt there was much more wisdom that I failed to recognize. Life is hard, Mr Scoresby, but we cling to it all the same.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “He let her do it, then looked around for his fingers. There they were, curled like a bloody quotation mark on the lead. He laughed.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “She was afraid of her father, and she admired him profoundly, and she thought he was stark mad; but who was she to judge?”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Mrs. Coulter selected her lovers for their power and influence, but it did no harm if they were good-looking. Did she ever become fond of a lover? Not once. She could not keep her servants, either.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “And if we – later on – she was whispering shakily, If we meet someone we like, and if we marry them, then we must be good to them, and not make comparisons all the time and wish we were married to each other instead... But just keep coming here once a year, just for an hour, just to be together...”
Philip Pullman Quote: “You know, it isn’t really surprising that there are things about ourselves that still remain a mystery to us,” he said. “Maybe we should be comforted that the knowledge is there, even if it’s withheld for a while.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Its purpose was to defend democracy in this country, first of all. Then to defend the principles of freedom of thought and expression.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “The world is a cruel place sometimes, and warm-hearted people do most of the good in it. And much of the time, they’re mocked and scorned for their pains.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Good intentions never wrote a story worth reading.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “And till they learn to be satisfied with what they are, they’re going to be fretful about it. Waste of feeling, that is.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “So, wondering whether any lovers before them had made this blissful discovery, they lay together as the earth turned slowly and the moon and stars blazed above them.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “She’s innocent, and she loves easily.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “What is he? A friend or an enemy? The alethiometer answered: He is a murderer.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “You know the theorem of Pythagoras?” “The square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares of the other two sides.” “That’s exactly it. And is that true for every example you’ve tried?” “Yes.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “But in another way it was easy, because it made sense. For the first time ever I felt I was doing something with all of my nature and not only a part of it. So it was lonely for a while but then I got used to it.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Write some letters.” “Don’t want to.” “Bake a cake to give that boy a slice of.” “He might come while I’m still making it, and then we’d have to make conversation for an hour and a half till it was ready. Anyway, we’ve got some biscuits.” “Well, I give up,” he said.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “If you thought for one moment that I would release my daughter into the care – the care! – of a body of men with a feverish obsession with sexuality, men with dirty fingernails, reeking of ancient sweat, men whose furtive imaginations would crawl over her body like cockroaches – if you thought I would expose my child to that... you are more stupid than you take me for.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “There was nothing that could be gained by wishing for it.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “How can the weather have a state of mind?” said Papadimitriou. The gyptian said, “You think the weather is only out there? It’s in here too,” and tapped his head. “So do you mean that the weather’s state of mind is just our state of mind?” “Nothing is just anything,” the gyptian replied, and would say no more.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Stories... entertain and teach; they help us both enjoy life and endure it. After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the things we need most in the world.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Of all the dangers that threaten us at the beginning of the third millennium – the degradation of the environment, the increasing undemocratic power of the great corporations, the continuing threats to peace in regions full of decaying nuclear weapons, and so on – one of the biggest dangers of all comes from fundamentalist religion... From the Christian conservatives in the USA to the Taliban in Afghanistan.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “If there’s an invisible assassin in this place, I can only imagine it’s the Devil himself, I dare say he feels quite at home.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “If that was Tom Simms,” said Audrey, “I’d say he was probably drunk and his mermaid was a porpoise.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Because Lyra now realized, if she hadn’t done so before, that all the fear in her nature was drawn to Mrs. Coulter as a compass needle drawn to the Pole.”
Philip Pullman Quote: “Maybe sometimes we don’t do the right thing because the wrong thing looks more dangerous, and we don’t want to look scared, so we go and do the.”
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