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Top 10 Quan Barry Quotes (2023 Update)

Quan Barry Quote: “We danced all night. We danced the length of one song. We danced for just a moment. May we be so lucky as to still be dancing under the light of the Harvest Moon three hundred years on!”
Quan Barry Quote: “Remember that darkness simply requires another way of seeing. Be your own light. And just like that, you’ll find yourself everywhere instantly.”
Quan Barry Quote: “To be anything but kind in the face of male desire was dangerous. Nobody had to teach us this lesson – it was just something we knew from the earliest days on the playground.”
Quan Barry Quote: “And what happens if we don’t remember? What happens if we never knew? Too many of us are here in the dark because in the rush and clamor of blood the third reptilian brain takes over, the one that says I do not recognize anything of myself in you, and so you are less than nothing.”
Quan Barry Quote: “We should have loved her back, openly and without apology, but between the teen heart and the teen brain, only so much gets done.”
Quan Barry Quote: “Maybe that was their magic. Having fun and enjoying one another’s company. Being lifted up even when you were being beaten down.”
Quan Barry Quote: “It’s like looking through a time machine at ourselves thirty years ago. While the hair is smaller, the hunger is still outsized. Hunger is what gets anything done. Stay hungry, ladies, we think.”
Quan Barry Quote: “What would you yourself do to remain forever young? What would you confess to the great and silent god that watches in the dark?”
Quan Barry Quote: “The distance between heaven and earth is no greater than one’s intention.”
Quan Barry Quote: “Third Year German was the only class where she felt vaguely human. They spent the period listening to “99 Luftballons” and trying to work out the lyrics back into English. Hielten sich fur Captain Kirk. When you found German comforting, you knew you were in trouble.”
Quan Barry Quote: “Sooner or later, her daughter would find out for herself what it meant to live in a world that pulled the plug on the Van Peebleses.”
Quan Barry Quote: “A sea of adolescence streamed by, each of us in our own way trying to both fit in and stand out.”
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