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Top 160 Quentin Tarantino Quotes (2023 Update)
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Quentin Tarantino Quote: “No, he wants to help me get into Italian movies.” Quick comeback from Cliff: “Then what’s the problem?” Rick screams, “I gotta do fuckin’ Italian movies, that’s the goddamn fuckin’ problem!”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “When it comes to some of them mean bastards out there, it’s the only thing does the job. You really only need to hang mean bastards. But mean bastards, you need to hang.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “Foreign films, Cliff thought, were more like novels. They didn’t care if you liked the main character or not. And Cliff found that intriguing.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “When a man of principle battles a scoundrel, the scoundrel always at first has the upper hand. Because there are some things the man of principle won’t do.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “Cliff didn’t know enough to write critical pieces for Films in Review, but he knew enough to know Hiroshima Mon Amour was a piece of crap. He knew enough to know Antonioni was a fraud.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “You want me to look like some goddamn hippie? Rick thinks. “You want me to look like a goddamn hippie?” Rick questions with a skeptical face.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “The Ox-Bow Incident, Body and Soul, White Heat, The Third Man, The Brothers Rico, Riot in Cell Block 11.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “Life is a bleeding, screaming, violently jerking pig in your arms. And death is you holding a bunch of heavy unmoving meat.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “Okay, Marvin thinks, that’s the second time Rick has put down his Tanner co-star Michael Callan. That’s not a good sign. It suggests stinginess in spirit. It suggests a blamer. But Marvin keeps these thoughts to himself.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “Do you like this cigarette case?” “It’s very nice.” “It’s a gift. From Joseph Cotten. One of my most cherished clients.” Rick gives Marvin the impressed expression the agent is demanding.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “You might not want to do it, but you can do it. In fact, a case could be made, if you can’t do it, you don’t deserve to eat pork.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “Now, many directors could and would say, So what? It’s just a movie. You don’t have to believe in giant monkeys to direct King Kong.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “But now comes the cold-war resentment. Sharon has such a sunny presence that whenever she blocks out the sun, the effect is chilling.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “Oh, and Miss Himmelsteen, short of my wife and kids dead on the highway, hold all my calls. In fact, if my wife and kids are dead, well, they’ll all be just as dead thirty minutes from now, so hold all my calls.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “Also, it’s a little odd to assume all your patrons are thieves.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “Rick, who was in his floaty chair in the swimming pool at the time of the attack, was almost shot by the hippie girl with the pistol. He later told authorities, “That goddamn hippie almost blew my fuckin’ head off!”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “The directions say to add milk and butter, but Cliff thinks if you can afford to add milk and butter you can afford to eat something else.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “Ninety-seven percent of everybody you’ve ever met in your life, and ninety-seven percent of everybody you’ll ever meet in your life, have spent ninety-seven percent of their lives running away from fear.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “Cliff putting out fires for Rick has been an essential part of their dynamic since the two became a team.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “You don’t need proof when you have instinct.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “And right from the get-go when George Segal puts on a gorilla suit and Ruth Gordon punches him in the nuts, this movie had me. At that age, the height of comedy was a guy in a gorilla suit, and the only thing funnier than that was a guy getting punched in the nuts. So a guy in a gorilla suit getting punched in the nuts was the absolute pinnacle of comedy.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “But I want you to tell me what it is you think I do.” “Well,” Rick says, “the way it was explained to me is you put famous American talent in foreign films.” “Not bad,” Marvin says.”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “Can Miss Himmelsteen get you a tasty beverage?”
Quentin Tarantino Quote: “I’m okay now, just embarrassed. Sorry about this humiliating display.” “Display?” Marvin snorts. “What are you talking about? We’re human people; human people cry. It’s a good thing.”
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