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Raymond Chandler Quotes
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Raymond Chandler Quote: “Mostly I just kill time,” he said, “and it dies hard.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Her eyes narrowed until they were a faint greenish glitter, like a forest pool far back in the shadow of trees.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “It is pretty obvious that the debasement of the human mind caused by a constant flow of fraudulent advertising is no trivial thing. There is more than one way to conquer a country.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Television is just one more facet of that considerable segment of our society that never had any standard but the soft buck.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Dashiell Hammett took murder out of theVenetian vase and dropped it into the alley.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “And the commercials would have sickened a goat raised on barbed wire and broken beer bottles.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “An age which is incapable of poetry is incapable of any kind of literature except the cleverness of a decadence.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “It was a blonde. A blonde to make a bishop kick a hole in a stained glass window. She was wearing street clothes that looked black and white, and a hat to match and she was a little haughty, but not too much. Whatever you needed, wherever you happened to be – she had it.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “But nothing seems to do any good.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “All art at some time and in some manner becomes mass entertainment, and if it does not it dies and is forgotten.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “As it is she will probably turn out to be one of these acid-faced virgins that sit behind little desks in public libraries and stamp dates in books.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Let us never accept the point of view that mysteries are written by hacks. The poorest of us shed our blood over every chapter. The best of us start from scratch with every new book.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “What did it matter where you lay once you were dead? In a dirty sump or in a marble tower on top of a high hill? You were dead, you were sleeping the big sleep, you were not bothered by things like that.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “The minutes went by on tiptoe, with their fingers to their lips.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “The subject was as easy to spot as a kangaroo in a dinner jacket.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “You can’t tell a doper well under control from a vegetarian book-keeper.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “She was the music heard faintly on the edge of sound.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “He snorted and hit me in the solar plexus. I bent over and took hold of the room with both hands and spun it. When I had it nicely spinning I gave it a full swing and hit myself on the back of the head with the floor.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid. The detective must be a complete man and a common man and yet an unusual man. He must be, to use a rather weathered phrase, a man of honor.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “One would think a writer would be happy here – if a writer is every happy anywhere.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “However toplofty and idealistic a man may be, he can always rationalize his right to earn money.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “LA doesn’t have the heart of a paper cup.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Dames lie about anything – just for practice.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “I’m a copper,” he said. “Just a plain ordinary copper. Reasonably honest. As honest as you could expect a man to be in a world where it’s out of style.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “The tragedy of life, is not that the beautiful things die young, but that they grow old and mean.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “A white night for me is as rare as a fat postman. If it hadn’t been for Mr. Howard Spencer at the Ritz-Beverly I would have killed a bottle and knocked myself out. And the next time I saw a polite character drunk in a Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith, I would depart rapidly in several directions. There is no trap so deadly as the trap you set for yourself.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Oh sure, I’m her husband. That’s what the record says. I’m the three white steps and the bug green front door and the brass knocker you rap one long and two short and the maid lets you into the hundred-dollar whorehouse.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “We were very much in love – the wild, mysterious, improbable kind of love that never comes but once.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Guns never settle anything, I said. They are just a fast curtain to a bad second act.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Do I have to be polite?” I asked. “Or can I just be natural?”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “All language begins with speech, and the speech of common men at that, but when it develops to the point of becoming a literary medium it only looks like speech.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “The actual writing is what you live for. The rest is something you have to get through in order to arrive at the point.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “It is just possible that the tensions in a novel of murder are the simplest and yet most complete pattern of the tensions on which we live in this generation.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “A wedge of sunlight slipped over the edge of the desk and fell noiselessly to the carpet.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “The creative artist seems to be almost the only kind of man that you could never meet on neutral ground. You can only meet him as an artist. He sees nothing objectively because his own ego is always in the foreground of every picture.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “It is not funny that a man should be killed, but it is sometimes funny that he should be killed for so little, and that his death should be the coin of what we call civilization.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “I do a great deal of research – particularly in the apartments of tall blondes.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “When a book, any sort of book, reaches a certain intensity of artistic performance it becomes literature.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “The law enforcement in this town is terrific. All through prohibition Eddie Mars’ place was a night club and they had two uniformed men in the lobby every night-to see that the guests didn’t bring their own liquor instead of buying it from the house.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “There is something compulsive about a telephone. The gadget-ridden man of our age loves it, loathes it, and is afraid of it. But he always treats it with respect, even when he is drunk. The telephone is a fetish.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Her whole body shivered and her face fell apart like a bride’s pie crust. She put it together again slowly, as if lifting a great weight, by sheer will power. The smile came back, with a couple of corners badly bent.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “She’s a nice girl. Not my type.” “You don’t like them nice?” He had another cigarette going. The smoke was being fanned away from his face by his hand. “I like smooth shiny girls, hardboiled and loaded with sin.” “They take you to the cleaners,” Randall said indifferently.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Hair like steel wool grew far back on his head and gave him a domed brown forehead that might at careless glance seemed a dwelling place for brains.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Time makes everything mean and shabby and wrinkled. The tragedy of life, Howard, is not that the beautiful things die young, but that they grow old and mean.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “She’s a charming middle-aged lady with a face like a bucket of mud and if she has washed her hair since Coolidge’s second term I’ll eat my spare tyre, rim and all.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Any man who can write a page of living prose adds something to our life, and the man who can, as I can, is surely the last to resent someone who can do it even better. An artist cannot deny art, nor would he want to. A lover cannot deny love.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Such a lot of guns around town and so few brains. You’re the second guy I’ve met within hours who seems to think a gat in the hand means a world by the tail.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “His voice was the elaborately casual voice of the tough guy in pictures. Pictures have made them all like that.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “The test of a writer is whether you want to read him again years after he should by the rules be dated.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “A man who indulges in parenthood for the first time at the age of fifty-four deserves all he gets.”
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