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Raymond Chandler Quotes
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Raymond Chandler Quote: “He explained civilization to me. I mean how it looks to him. He’s going to let it go on a little while longer. But it better be careful and not interfere with his private life. If it does, he’s apt to make a phone call to God and cancel the order.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “The pursuit of knowledge, brother, is the askin’ of many questions.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “She put a hard-boiled sneer on her face and gave me plenty of time to get used to it.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Well, George Anson Phillips is a kind of pathetic case... He was the sort of cop who would be likely to hang a pinch on a chicken thief, if he saw the guy steal the chicken and the guy fell down running away and hit his head on a post or something and knocked himself out. Otherwise it might get a little tough and George would have to go back to the office for instructions.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “I opened the other envelope. It contained a photograph of a girl. The pose suggested a natural ease, or a lot of experience in being photographed. It showed darkish hair which might possibly have been red, a wide clear forehead, serious eyes, high cheekbones, nervous nostrils and a mouth which was not giving anything away. It was a fine-drawn, almost a taut face, and not a happy one.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Anybody home, son?” “You ought to know.” “How would I know?” “Go – yourself.” “That’s how people get false teeth.” He showed me his in a tight grin.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “I was doing a cheap sneaky job for people I didn’t like, but that’s what you hire out for, chum. They pay the bills, you dig the dirt.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “No trial, no sensational headlines, no mud-slinging just to sell newspapers without the slightest regard for truth or fair play or for the feelings of innocent people.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Uh-huh. Could be,′ I said. It was a spot for a paragraph of lucid prose. Henry Clarendon IV would have obliged. I didn’t have a damn thing more to say.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Its big men are mostly little men with fancy offices and a lot of money. A great many of them are stupid little men, with reach-me-down brains, small-town arrogance and a sort of animal knack of smelling out the taste of the stupidest part of the public. They have played in luck so long that they have come to mistake luck for enlightenment.” – on Hollywood.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Police business,” he said almost gently, “is a hell of a problem. It’s a good deal like politics. It asks for the highest type of men, and there’s nothing in it to attract the highest type of men. So we have to work with what we get – and we get things like this.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Lace and ruffles, swords and coaches, elegance and leisure, duels and gallant death. All lies. They used perfume instead of soap, their teeth rotted because they never cleaned them, their fingernails smelled of stale gravy. The nobility of France urinated against the walls in the marble corridors of Versailles, and when you finally got several sets of underclothes off the lovely marquise the first thing you noticed was that she needed a bath.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “The latter think the shortest distance between two points is from a blonde to a bed.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “After a moment I pushed my chair back and went over to the french windows. I opened the screens and stepped out on to the porch. The night was all around, soft and quiet. The white moonlight was cold and clear, like the justice we dream of but don’t find.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “It was a nice walk, if you like grunting.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “It’s like this with us baby. We’re coppers and everybody hates our guts... nothing we do is right, not ever. If we get a confession we beat it out of a guy, they say, and some shyster lawyer calls us Gestapo.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “They are what human beings turn into when they trade life for existence and ambition for security.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Her voice froze on the second word, like a feather taking off in a sudden draft. Then it cooed and hovered and soared and eddied and the silent invitation of a smile picked delicately at the corners of her lips, very slowly, like a child trying to pick up a snowflake.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Thinking in terms of ideas destroys the power to think in terms of emotions and sensations.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “I like games of chance, including women.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Writers who have the vision and the ability to produce real fiction do not produce unreal fiction.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “You’re a full portion of what I don’t like,’ she said. ‘Get out of my way.’ I didn’t move. She didn’t move. We were both sitting down – and not even close to each other.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “I looked at my watch. Nine fifty-four. Time to go home and get your slippers on and play over a game of chess. Time for a tall cool drink and a long quiet pipe. Time to sit with your feet up and think of nothing. Time to start yawning over your magazine. Time to be a human being, a householder, a man with nothing to do but rest and suck in the night air and rebuild the brain for tomorrow.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “I wouldn’t say she looked exactly wistful, but neither did she look as hard to get as a controlling interest in General Motors.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Newspapers are owned and published by rich men. Rich men all belong to the same club. Sure, there’s competition – hard tough competition for circulation, for newsbeats, for exclusive stories. Just so long as it doesn’t damage the prestige and privilege and position of the owners. If it does, down comes the lid.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “What rattled and thumped was a knotted towel full of melting ice cubes. Somebody who loved me very much had put them on the back of my head. Somebody who loved me less had bashed in the back of my skull. It could have been the same person. People have moods.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Such a nice escort, Mr. Cobb. So attentive. You should see him sober. I should see him sober. Somebody should see him sober. I mean, just for the record. So it could become a part of history, that brief flashing moment, soon buried in time, but never forgotten – when Larry Cobb was sober.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “The next hour was three hours long.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “My opinion means nothing. It happens every day. The most unlikely people commit the most unlikely crimes. Nice old ladies poison whole families. Clean-cut kids commit multiple holdups and shootings. Bank managers with spotless records going back twenty years are found out to be long-term embezzlers. And successful and popular and supposedly happy novelists get drunk and put their wives in the hospital. We know damn little about what makes even our best friends tick.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “I was a swell guy. I enjoyed being me.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Another longish pause. His eyelids were getting heavy. “Ever kill a man, Marlowe?” “Yes.” “Nasty feeling, isn’t it?” “Some people like it.” His eyes went shut all the way. Then they opened again, but they looked vague. “How could they?”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “It’s a swell theory,” I said. “Marriott socked me, took the money, then he got sorry and beat his brains out, after first burying the money under a bush.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Kind of smart guesser, ain’t you, young man? Can’t wait for folks to get their mouth open hardly.” “I’m sorry, Mrs. Morrison. This is an important matter to us – ” “This here young man don’t seem to have no trouble keepin’ his mouth in place.” “He’s married,” I said. “He’s had practice.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “You mean something happened to him?” Her voice faded off into sort of a sad whisper, like a mortician asking for a down payment.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “You were lucky about that gun. All the people we know have been playing with it, wiping prints off and putting them on. I even put a set on myself just to be fashionable.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “He was California from the tips of his port wine loafers to the buttoned and tieless brown and yellow checked shirt inside his rough cream sports jacket.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “I think you are a very stupid person. You look stupid. You are in a stupid business. And you came here on a stupid mission.” “I get it,” I said. “I’m stupid. It sank in after a while.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Suddenly, without any real change in her, she ceased to be beautiful. She looked merely like a woman who would have been dangerous a hundred years ago, and twenty years ago daring, but who today was just Grade B Hollywood.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Don’t kid yourself. You’re a dirty low-down detective. Kiss me.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “His laugh and his voice were both pleasant. He talked the way New Yorkers used to talk before they learned to talk Flatbush.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “The trouble with cops is not that they’re dumb or crooked or tough, but that they think just being a cop gives them a little something that they didn’t have before. Maybe it did once, but not anymore. They’re topped by too many smart minds.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “They never tell you why they are doing anything. That way you don’t find out they don’t know themselves.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “She was wearing a brown tailor-made and from a strap over her shoulder hung one of those awkward-looking square bags that make you think of a Sister of Mercy taking first aid to the wounded.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “Sheriff Petersen just went right on getting re-elected, a living testimonial to the fact that you can hold an important public office forever in our country with no qualifications for it but a clean nose, a photogenic face and a close mouth. If on top of that you look good on a horse, you are unbeatable.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “She came back with the glass and her fingers, cold from holding the glass, touched mine, and I held them for a moment and then let them go slowly, as you let go of a dream when you wake with the sun in your face and you have been in an enchanted valley.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “The law is where you buy it and what you pay for it.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “She was quite a doll. She wore a white belted raincoat, no hat, a well-cherished head of platinum hair, booties to match the raincoat, a folding plastic umbrella, a pair of blue-gray eyes that looked at me as if I had said a dirty word.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “He opened the rear door and I got in and sank down into the cushions and George slid under the wheel and started the big car. It moved away from the curb and around the corner with as much noise as a bill makes in a wallet.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “She sighed. “All men are the same.” “So are all women – after the first nine.”
Raymond Chandler Quote: “All she did was take her hand out of her bag, with a gun in it. All she did was point it at me and smile. All I did was nothing.”
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