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Top 70 Rich Mullins Quotes (2024 Update)

Rich Mullins Quote: “Christianity is about learning to love like Jesus loved and Jesus loved the poor and Jesus loved the broken.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “The only man I envy is the man who has not yet been to Africa- for he has so much to look forward to.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “It always cracks me up when people try to impress God, because people don’t have to impress God. He’s already knocked out by you.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “It’s all that pretending to be perfect that breeds inauthenticity in the church.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “I am a Christian, not because someone explained the nuts and bolts of Christianity, but because there were people willing to be nuts and bolts.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “When you stop being so afraid of failing you become much more free to succeed.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “If you want a religion that makes sense, then I suggest something other than Christianity. But if you want a religion that makes life, then, I think this is the one.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “We are not as strong as we think we are.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “So hold me Jesus, ’cause I’m shaking like a leaf. You have been King of my glory won’t You be my Prince of Peace.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “Never forget what Jesus did for you. Never take lightly what it cost Him. And never assume that if it cost Him His very life, that it won’t also cost you yours.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “God spoke to Balaam through his ass. I believe God still speaks through asses today. So if God should choose to speak through you, you needn’t think too highly of yourself.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “If your life is motivated by your ambition to leave a legacy, what you’ll probably leave as a legacy is ambition.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “You are not alone in the world. You are part of an ensemble.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “Faith without works is like a song you can’t sing. It’s about as useless as a screen door on a submarine.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “So go out and live real good and I promise you’ll get beat up real bad. But, in a little while after you’re dead, you’ll be rotted away anyway. It’s not gonna matter if you have a few scars. It will matter if you didn’t live.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “We are not saved because we’re good. We’re good because we’re saved.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “Love is found in the things we’ve given up, more than in the things that we have kept.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “We never understand what we’re praying, and God, in His mercy, does not answer our prayers according to our understanding, but according to His wisdom.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “I think, you know, the thing everybody really wants to know anyway is not what the theory of relativity is, but I think what we all really want to know anyways, is whether we’re loved or not.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “Sometimes my life just don’t make sense at all. The mountains looks so big and my faith just seems so small.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “There’s people been friendly But they’d never be your friends Sometimes this has bent me to the ground.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “Deliver us from evil – from moral duplicity and weakness, from laziness and spiritual complacency, from those lies we tell ourselves from our fear of facing the truth.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “Be praised for all Your tenderness by these works of Your hands, suns that rise and rains that fall to bless and bring to life Your land. Look down upon this winter wheat and be glad that You have made blue for the sky and the color green that fills Your fields with praise.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “A faith that moves mountains is a faith that expands horizons, it does not bring us into a smaller world full of easy answers, but into a larger one where there is room for wonder.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “In the end, it’s not gonna matter if you have a few scars, but it will matter if you didn’t live.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “It’s not the job of government to help the poor. The church is the mechanism that God put on earth to help the poor.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “I did not read the Bible today. I am not very good at being religious and don’t really feel too bad about not being too good. I do wish that I loved God and His creatures more...”
Rich Mullins Quote: “Let people see your struggles and don’t ever fake it.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “Look at us all – we are all of us lost and in all of our different ways of pretending, we all fool ourselves into the very same hell. Look at the cross – we are all of us loved and one God meets us all at the point of our common need and brings to all of us – all who will let Him – salvation.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “If you can’t be good, be loud.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “We were given the Scriptures to humble us into realizing that God is right, and the rest of us are just guessing.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “There is the music that we make, and the music that makes us.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “If you live real good, I can guarantee you are gonna get beat up real bad!”
Rich Mullins Quote: “What I like about the Bible is that it doesn’t make sense, which makes it more like truth than anything else I’ve ever read.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “I can’t see how You’re leading me unless you’ve led me here, where I’m lost enough to let myself be led.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “I am tired again tonight – a good kind of tired. Some aches are well earned. I wish I could see the sky tonight.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “Good taste has everything to do with being cultured and being refined, and if art has to do with anything, it has to do with being human.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “I think I would like to be a monk. I really considered Catholicism a few years ago, but there were some things that I just couldnt reconcile.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “The biggest problem with life is that it’s just daily.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “God loves us completely. And He knew us at our worst before He ever began to love us at all.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “We just can’t love without God. God wants for us want we want for ourselves. These basic things are not that hard to grasp. We just have to have faith, and faith is a gift. We just need to accept it.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “If you’re really looking for answers, look past me. But if you’re interested in how I got to where I am, I will be as honest as possible.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “There’s a difference, you know, between faith and playing make-believe. One will make you grow. The other one will make you sleep.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “You will never understand what you’re doin’. But God does.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “I take comfort in knowing that it was the shepherds to whom the angels appeared when they announced Christ’s birth. Invariably throughout the course of history, God has appeared to people on the fringes. It’s nice to find theological justification for your quirks.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “Prayer is a grace through which we pour ourselves out before God and through which He calls us into His presence.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “I believe what I believe is what makes me what I am.”
Rich Mullins Quote: “I think I would envy me too, if I didn’t know me better...”
Rich Mullins Quote: “Yes, it’s embarrassing to be born again, but imagine how embarrassing it must have been to be born the first time. At least this time you get to wear clothes!”
Rich Mullins Quote: “Joshua made the sun stand still in the sky, but I can’t keep these thoughts of You from passing by.”
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