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Top 10 Richard A. Falk Quotes (2024 Update)

Richard A. Falk Quote: “I don’t like to end my talk with a 700 million dollar loss, even if it shows the importance of Numerical Analysis.”
Richard A. Falk Quote: “The Method of Bisection is a sophisticated version of a tool used in fifth grade called “Guess and Check”.”
Richard A. Falk Quote: “The central task of our time is to evolve a new system of world order based on principles of peace and justice.”
Richard A. Falk Quote: “American special relationships with Israel and Saudi Arabia blind us to their dreadful encroachments on human rights, as well as confer impunity on their leaders with respect to accountability for crimes against humanity.”
Richard A. Falk Quote: “When Daniel Gorenstein was chair, he did mathematics from 5am to 12noon, spending the second half of his working day on administration. When I was chair, I also spent half of my time on research: every other minute.”
Richard A. Falk Quote: “Nothing is more important than restoring a high degree of autonomy to educational experiences so that those who grow up in this society and troubled world have the best available tools to grasp the challenges that imperil our national and human future.”
Richard A. Falk Quote: “I once got a call from a bank, asking me to compute a mortgage, since their computers were down. This was a very depressing moment.”
Richard A. Falk Quote: “There is no effort to acknowledge some equivalent accountability by associating “terrorism” with all violence that is deliberately aimed at civilians, either directly or as foreseeable effects of violent acts, whether the actor is a non-state individual or group or the state.”
Richard A. Falk Quote: “When I told my son that I had to give a talk about my work to non-mathematicians, he warned me that regular people don’t think like mathematicians.”
Richard A. Falk Quote: “Looked at objectively, it is clear that the overwhelming majority of civilian deaths resulting from political violence are produced by what should be understood as “state terror.” Terrorism also serves as an excuse to avoid diplomacy and the peaceful resolution of conflict.”
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