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Richard Dawkins Quotes
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Richard Dawkins Quote: “I accept that there may be things far grander and more incomprehensible than we can possibly imagine.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “I am very comfortable with the idea that we can override biology with free will.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “I like to think ‘The God Delusion’ is a humorous book. I think, actually, it’s full of laughs. And people who describe it as a polarizing book or as an aggressive book, it’s just that very often they haven’t read it.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “It’s an important point to realize that the genetic programming of our lives is not fully deterministic. It is statistical – it is in any animal merely statistical – not deterministic.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “American political opportunities are loaded against those who are simultaneously intelligent and honest.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Of course you can have an opinion about Islam without having read Qur’an. You don’t have to read Mein Kampf to have an opinion about Nazism.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Unfortunately, however much we may deplore something, it does not stop being true.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “The meme for blind faith secures its own perpetuation by the simple unconscious expedient of discouraging rational inquiry.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “There’s no point of having faith if you have evidence.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “It is immoral to brand children with religion. ‘This is a Catholic child.’ ‘That is a Muslim child.’ I want everyone to flinch when they hear such a phrase, just as they would if they heard, ‘That is a Marxist child.’”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “It is possible in medicine, even when you intend to do good, to do harm instead. That is why science thrives on actively encouraging criticism rather than stifling it.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “My personal feeling is that understanding evolution led me to atheism.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Being an atheist frees you up to live this life properly, happily, and fully.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Society bends over backward to be accommodating to religious sensibilities but not to other kinds of sensibilities. If I say something offensive to religious people, I’ll be universally censured, including by many atheists.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “I do sometimes accuse people of ignorance, but that is not intended to be an insult. I’m ignorant of lots of things. Ignorance is something that can be remedied by education.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Bereavement is terrible, of course. And when somebody you love dies, it’s a time for reflection, a time for memory, a time for regret.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “As long as we accept the principle that religious faith must be respected simply because it is religious faith, it is hard to withhold respect from the faith of Osama bin Laden and the suicide bombers.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “The feature of living matter that most demands explanation is that it is almost unimaginably complicated in directions that convey a powerful illusion of deliberate design.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Have they discovered evolution yet?”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “I’m a cultural Christian in the same way many of my friends call themselves cultural Jews or cultural Muslims.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “False beliefs can be every bit as consoling as true ones, right up until the moment of disillusionment.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Nothing is wrong with peace and love. It is all the more regrettable that so many of Christ’s followers seem to disagree.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Do you really mean the only reason you try to be good is to gain God’s approval and reward? That’s not morality, that’s just sucking up.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Even if not a single fossil has ever been found, the evidence from surviving animals would still overwhelmingly force the conclusion that Darwin was right.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “The argument from improbability, properly deployed, comes close to proving that God does not exist.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “A gene might be able to assist replicas of itself that are sitting in other bodies. If so, this would appear as individual altruism but it would be brought about by gene selfishness.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Those who wish to base their morality literally on the Bible have either not read it or not understood it...”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “I think what I’d really like to see would be a mass consciousness-raising movement so that we would all become vegetarian.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Metaphors are fine if they aid understanding, but sometimes they get in the way.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “I great difficulty having any respect for a religion that has so little confidence in the truth of its beliefs that it feels reduced to using threats in order to propagate those beliefs.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “My interest in biology was pretty much always on the philosophical side.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “It is almost as if the human brain were specifically designed to misunderstand Darwinism, and to find it hard to believe.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Religious people are atheists about all other gods, atheists only take it one god further.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “I am very hostile to religion because it is enormously dominant, especially in American life. And I don’t buy the argument that, well, it’s harmless. I think it is harmful, partly because I care passionately about what’s true.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Philosophy and the subjects known as ‘humanities’ are still taught almost as if Darwin had never lived.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Each one of us is a city of cells, and each cell a town of bacteria. You are a gigantic megalopolis of bacteria.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “When we talk about genes for anything, like a gene for being gay or a gene for being aggressive or something of that sort, that a gene for anything may not have been a gene for that thing under different environmental conditions.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Evolution is a fact. Beyond reasonable doubt, beyond serious doubt, beyond sane, informed, intelligent doubt, beyond doubt evolution is a fact... That didn’t have to be true. It is not self-evidently, tautologically, obviously true, and there was a time when most people, even educated people, thought it wasn’t. It didn’t have to be true, but it is... Evolution is the only game in town, the greatest show on earth.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “The efforts of apologists to find genuinely distinguished modern scientists who are religious have an air of desperation, generating the unmistakably hollow sound or bottoms of barrels being scraped.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Bad things happen because things happen.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “All animals are minor variations on a very particular theme.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “The American comedian Cathy Ladman observes that ‘All religions are the same: religion is basically guilt, with different holidays.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “A gene is defined as any portion of chromosomal material that potentially lasts for enough generations to serve as a unit of natural selection.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “There was something built into the human brain by natural selection which was once useful, and which now manifests itself as religion.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “There is absolutely no reason to believe that those things for which science does not yet have natural explanations will turn out to be of supernatural origin, any more than volcanoes or earthquakes or diseases turn out to be caused by angry deities, as people once believed they were. Of.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “My computer is a very complex gadget and it was designed by many designers, so why must the universe have only a single designer and not many designers?”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Can omniscient God, who Knows the future, find The omnipotence to Change His future mind?”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Just because science can’t in practice explain things like the love that motivates a poet to write a sonnet, that doesn’t mean that religion can. It’s a simple and logical fallacy to say, ‘If science can’t do something therefore religion can.’”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “Evolution has been observed. It’s just that it hasn’t been observed while it’s happening.”
Richard Dawkins Quote: “We have this one life, let’s enjoy it, let’s live it to the full and don’t get so worked up about don’t identify yourself so passionately with this business called religion.”
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