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Top 10 Richard Florida Quotes (2023 Update)

Richard Florida Quote: “I call the age we are entering the creative age because the key factor propelling us forward is the rise of creativity as the primary mover of our economy.”
Richard Florida Quote: “Ideas are the currency of the new economy.”
Richard Florida Quote: “Access to talented and creative people is to modern business what access to coal and iron ore was to steel-making.”
Richard Florida Quote: “People don’t need to be managed, they need to be unleashed.”
Richard Florida Quote: “Human creativity is the ultimate economic resource.”
Richard Florida Quote: “The creative individual is no longer viewed as an iconoclast. He – or she – is the new mainstream.”
Richard Florida Quote: “Beneath the surface, unnoticed by many, an even deeper force was at work – the rise of creativity as a fundamental economic driver, and the rise of a new social class, the Creative Class.”
Richard Florida Quote: “Places that succeed in attracting and retaining creative class people prosper; those that fail don’t.”
Richard Florida Quote: “Denser cities are smarter and more productive.”
Richard Florida Quote: “Builders need to take their preeminent position back from the traders for the economy of the future to flourish.”
Richard Florida Quote: “Over time, this growing tendency of like marrying like will only reinforce clustering and geographic sorting along class lines, giving the emerging map of social, economic, and cultural segregation even greater permanence.”
Richard Florida Quote: “Snoop is a tour de force! It’s one of the smartest and most original books I’ve come across in a long time. I devoured it and then rushed over to clean up my desk and change my iPod playlist.”
Richard Florida Quote: “It’s not that gays and diversity equal high technology. But if your culture is not such that it can accept difference, and uniqueness and oddity and eccentricity, you will not get high tech industry.”
Richard Florida Quote: “As the economy has become more specialized and the occupational division of labor has deepened, the Creative Class has increasingly outsourced functions that were previously provided within the family to the Service Class.”
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