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Top 50 Rickson Gracie Quotes (2023 Update)

Rickson Gracie Quote: “Our fears don’t stop death, they stop life.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “I am a shark, the ground is my ocean, and most people can’t even swim.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “If size mattered, the elephant would be king of the jungle.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “Not the past, not the future, life is now.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “A strong body is a good asset. A strong mind is a very good asset.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “The journey has to be based on passion. Put yourself in something you love to do. If you love what you do you’re able to dedicate yourself, overcome obstacles.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “A brave man, a real fighter is not measured by how many times he falls, but how many times he stands up.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “If you believe, then you have already taken the first step towards your achievement.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “Self-defence, self-confidence, discipline and self control. The values you learn are priceless.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “My code of life and my personal bushido is honour, respect, loyalty, courage and surrender.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “True strength is not always shown through victory. Stand up, try again and display strength of heart.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “If you are ready to die, then you are ready to live.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “The opposite of courage is conformity.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “Sometimes, you don’t have to win, you cannot win. but that has nothing to do with losing.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “Finding the balance between body, mind and spirit is a great achievement.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “A 10,000 mile walk, begins with a single step and continues one step at a time.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “In life, when presented with any situation, breathe, take your time, focus and then decide what to do.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “I see fear as a sign of intelligence, of preservation.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “Jiu-jitsu puts you completely in the moment, where you must have a complete focus on finding a solution to the problem. This trains the mind to build that focus, to increase your awareness, your capacity to solve problems.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “When setting a long-term goal, find the pace necessary to achieve it.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “I always keep my mind open. For me, a mind has to work like like a parachute, works only if it’s open.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “What makes you tough is your mindset and I believe anyone can be tough.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “The biggest gift I received as a martial artist is without a question the capacity to be in peace.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “If you are not comortable to deal with an opponent 50 lbs heavier than you, there is something wrong with your Jiu Jitsu...”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “Study is a life long pursuit.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “My inspiration’s coming from nature, I love nature and all the expressions, I love art, I love expressions of beauty. It’s part of my life, being engaged in the moment.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “Can I overcome pressure? Yes. This is always my first thought.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “Willingness to learn is the mark of a youthful mind.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “Don’t be rushed, be sure.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “When I am fighting I am keeping my mind empty for any expectations. I am waiting for something unique, completely new.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “The most important thing is not victory, the most important thing is don’t get defeated.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “Forgiveness is its own reward.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “When you are on the ground, only one of you two can be comfortable at any one time. Either you are comfortable or the opponent is. Your job is to transfer the comfortable from him to you in every position.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “The search for truth begins in your heart.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “Be positive and the challenge will be easier.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “I don’t believe in luck; it’s just dedication to the technique plus good physical condition.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “It doesn’t matter what it is, it becomes better with love.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “Being in an empty mind increases my intuition, my sense of energy.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “People are here to serve. We cannot waste potential.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “If today you have nothing to be happy about, thank God for the potential of tomorrow.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “If you don’t love yourself, who is supposed to do it for you?”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “If you push kids too hard, too young, they will quit forever. Parents should never burden their kids with their unfulfilled ambitions, frustrations, anxiety, or any other form of emotional baggage. The parents’ support must be consistent. The most important thing is that the child gets the experience – win, lose, or draw – without judgment.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “There are so many wonderful things that are impossible to experience on a screen: jumping into a cold river, making the drop on a big wave, and walking in the rain are just a few.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “I eventually learned that the capacity to accept anything, especially death, was the key to my physical, mental, and spiritual growth. All three of these elements must be balanced, because sometimes you don’t break physically but emotionally. Sometimes you have the physicality and the emotional control but are spiritually unprepared. Without a spiritual connection to both life and death, you can’t reach the next level of performance.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “A father must accept his children for who they are, not who he would like them to be.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “Happiness is not a static thing. You have to work at it by confronting and overcoming challenges.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “Nothing can be a hundred percent positive or a hundred percent negative.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “Many years later, I realized that things mean more if you earn them, but when I was young and wanted to give him a present, I didn’t think twice.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “I can resist any physical pain if there is a reason.”
Rickson Gracie Quote: “If we fight for money, I’ll stop hitting you when you ask me to. If we fight for honor, I’ll stop hitting you when I feel like it.”
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