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Robert D. Putnam Quotes

Robert D. Putnam Quote: “Social capital may turn out to be a prerequisite for, rather than a consequence of, effective computer-mediated communication.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “Most Americans watch Friends rather than having friends.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “People may go to the library looking mainly for information, but they find each other there.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “Our national myths often exaggerate the role of the individual heroes and understate the importance of collective effort.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “None of the people watching ‘Big Brother’ will bring you chicken soup if you get sick.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “What really matters from the point of view of social capital and civic engagement is not merely nominal membership, but active and involved membership.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “Positive people have more friends which is a key factor of happiness and longevity.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “Parental wealth is especially important for social mobility, because it can provide informal insurance that allows kids to take more risks in search of more reward.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “Many people have a stereotype of what it means to be poor. And it may be somebody they see on the street corner with a sign: “Will work for food.” And what they don’t think about is that person who’s struggling every day. Could be the person who waited on us, took our bank deposit, works in retail, but who is barely above the poverty line.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “TV-based politics is to political action as watching ER is to saving someone in distress.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “People divorced from community, occupation, and association are first and foremost among the supporters of extremism.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “Social dislocation can easily breed a reactionary form of nostalgia.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “How well you do in life shouldn’t depend on how well your parents did.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “Upper-class parents enable their kids to form weak ties by exposing them more often to organized activities, professionals, and other adults. Working-class children, on the other hand, are more likely to interact regularly only with kin and neighborhood children, which limits their formation of valuable weak ties.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “Schools themselves aren’t creating the opportunity gap: the gap is already large by the time children enter kindergarten and does not grow as children progress through school. The gaps in cognitive achievement by level of maternal education that we observe at age 18-powerful predictors of who goes to college and who does not – are mostly present at age 6when children enter school. Schooling plays only a minor role in alleviating or creating test score gaps.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “Poor kids, through no fault of their own, are less prepared by their families, their schools, and their communities to develop their God-given talents as fully as rich kids. For economic productivity and growth, our country needs as much talent as we can find, and we certainly can’t afford to waste it. The opportunity gap imposes on all of us both real costs and what economists term “opportunity costs.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “Slavery was, in fact, a social system designed to destroy social capital among slaves and between slaves and freemen.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “Young Americans are dropping out of religion at an alarming rate of five to six times the historic rate.”
Robert D. Putnam Quote: “Generally speaking, lower-tier grandparents mostly donate time, replacing parental resources, whereas upper-tier grandparents mostly donate money, supplementing parental resources.”
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