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Top 10 Robert Dallek Quotes (2023 Update)

Robert Dallek Quote: “In counterfactual history, nothing is certain.”
Robert Dallek Quote: “Truman is now seen as a near-great president because he put in place the containment doctrine boosted by the Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan and NATO, which historians now see as having been at the center of American success in the cold war.”
Robert Dallek Quote: “The consequence of the Bay of Pigs failure wasn’t an acceptance of Castro and his control of Cuba but, rather, a renewed determination to bring him down by stealth.”
Robert Dallek Quote: “One doesn’t simply write about Lyndon Johnson. You get the Johnson treatment from beyond the grave – arm around you, nose to nose. I should admit that he also reminds me of my father, quite an overbearing and narcissistic character. And in some ways, he reminds me of myself. Another workaholic.”
Robert Dallek Quote: “They are pretty good at improvising, but God help us if they are given time to think. Dean Atchison.”
Robert Dallek Quote: “The art of diplomacy is finding a reasonable route among imperfect alternatives.”
Robert Dallek Quote: “Like Lyndon Johnson, President Obama understands that timidity in a time of troubles is a prescription for failure.”
Robert Dallek Quote: “JFK to RFK: To survive in politics, you sometimes have to be willing to make fun of yourself.”
Robert Dallek Quote: “What makes war interesting for Americans is that we don’t fight war on our soil, we don’t have direct experience of it, so there’s an openness about the meanings we give it.”
Robert Dallek Quote: “Presidents by six years have been there long enough for the media and the country to see their flaws.”
Robert Dallek Quote: “As someone who has more than a passing acquaintance with most of the 20th century presidents, I have often thought that their accomplishments have little staying power in shaping popular views of their leadership.”
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