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Ronald Reagan Quotes
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Ronald Reagan Quote: “The Bible can touch our hearts, order our minds, refresh our souls.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Information is the oxygen of the modern age.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “We will never recognize the true value of our own lives until we affirm the value in the life of others.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “I believe in a sound, strong environmental policy that protects the health of our people and a wise stewardship of our nation’s natural resources.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “You know, by the time you reach my age, you’ve made plenty of mistakes if you’ve lived your life properly.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “We establish no religion in this country. We command no worship. We mandate no belief, nor will we ever. Church and state are and must remain separate.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “While I take inspiration from the past, like most Americans, I live for the future.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “I wasn’t a great communicator, but I communicated great things, and they didn’t spring full-bloom from my brow – they came from the heart of a great nation.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “We could say they government spend like drunken sailors, but that would be unfair to drunken sailors, because the sailors are spending their own money.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “When I’ve heard all I need to make a decision, I don’t take a vote. I make a decision.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Our military strength is a prerequisite to peace, but let it be clear we maintain this strength in the hope it will never be used.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “A hippie is someone who looks like Tarzan, walks like Jane and smells like Cheetah.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Perhaps there is a simple answer – not an easy answer – but simple: If you and I have the courage to tell our elected officials that we want our national policy based on what we know in our hearts is morally right.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Balancing your budget is like protecting your virtue. You have to learn when to say no.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Detente – isn’t that what a farmer has with his turkey – until Thanksgiving?”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “I am very proud to be called a pig. It stands for pride, integrity and guts.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Anybody from any corner of the world can come to America to live and become an American.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “In America, our origins matter less than our destination, and that is what democracy is all about.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “A nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought. The only value in our two nations possessing nuclear weapons is to make sure they will never be used. But then would it not be better to do away with them entirely?”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Christmas is a holiday that we celebrate not as individuals nor as a nation, but as a human family.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “I’m not smart enough to lie.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “As for the enemies of freedom, those who are potential adversaries, they will be reminded that peace is the highest aspiration of the American people. We will negotiate for it, sacrifice for it, we will not surrender for it – now or ever.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “We must be cautious in claiming God is on our side. I think the real question we must answer is, are we on His side?”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “We must act today in order to preserve tomorrow.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “The crew of the space shuttle Challenger honored us by the manner in which they lived their lives.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Those who have known freedom and then lost it, have never known it again.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Freedom is indivisible – there is no “s” on the end of it. You can erode freedom, diminish it, but you cannot divide it and choose to keep “some freedoms” while giving up others.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “I don’t have to tell you how fragile this precious gift of freedom is. Every time we hear, watch, or read the news, we are reminded that liberty is a rare commodity in this world.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “The Soviet Union is the focus of evil in the modern world.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “The things that unite us-America’s past of which we are so proud, our hopes and aspirations for the future of the world and this much loved country-these things far outweigh what little divides us.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “One way to make sure crime doesn’t pay would be to let the government run it.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “But the simple truth is that we’ve lost control of our own borders, and no nation can do that and survive.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “When our Founding Fathers passed the First Amendment, they sought to protect churches from government interference. They never intended to construct a wall of hostility between government and the concept of religious belief itself.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “My mother told me that everything in life happened for a purpose. She said all things were part of God’s plan, even the most disheartening setbacks, and in the end, everything worked out for the best.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “We the people tell the government what to do, it doesn’t tell us.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Our National Motto – ‘In God We Trust’ – was not chosen lightly. It reflects a basic recognition that there is a divine authority in the universe to which this nation owes homage.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “The Constitution was never meant to prevent people from praying, it’s declared purpose was to protect their freedom to pray.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Latinos are Republican. They just don’t know it yet.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Once people who have been deprived of basic freedom taste a little of it, they want all of it.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “I would have voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “America is the moral force that defeated communism and all those who would put the human soul itself into bondage.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Entrepreneurs are the forgotten heroes of America.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Perhaps no custom reveals our character as a Nation so clearly as our celebration of Thanksgiving Day.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Thomas Jefferson once said, ‘We should never judge a president by his age, only by his works.’ And ever since he told me that, I stopped worrying.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Freedom and the dignity of the individual have been more available and assured here than in any other place on earth. The price for this freedom at times has been high, but we have never been unwilling to pay the price.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Everywhere we go, Nancy makes the world a little better.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Hope remains the highest reality, the age-old power.”
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