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Top 500 Ronald Reagan Quotes (2024 Update)
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Ronald Reagan Quote: “It’s just too bad we can’t have an epidemic of botulism.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “America has never gotten in a war because we were too strong.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the democrats believe every day is April 15.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Nations crumble from within when the citizenry asks of government those things which the citizenry might better provide for itself.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Admittedly, there is a risk in any course we follow other than this, but every lesson in history tells us that the greater risk lies in appeasement, and this is the specter our well-meaning liberal friends refuse to face.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “One day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Our country is great because it is built on principles of self-reliance, opportunity, innovation, and compassion for others.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Government can and must provide opportunity, not smother it; foster productivity; not stifle it.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “It’s not fair to say that Congress spends money like a drunk sailor. At least the sailor is spending his own money!”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “The fourth landing of the Columbia is the historical equivalent of the driving of the golden spike which completed the first transcontinental railroad. It marks our entrance into a new era.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “You get to know people as individuals. The dreams of people may differ, but everybody wants their dreams to come true. And America, above all places, gives us the freedom to do that.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Because Vietnam was not a declared war, the veterans are not even eligible for the G. I. Bill of Rights with respect to education or anything.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Freedom is one of the deepest and noblest aspirations of the human spirit.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Freedom is not the sole prerogative of a chosen few, but the universal right of all God’s children.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency, or simply to swell its numbers.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Unless bureaucracy is constantly resisted, it breaks down representative government and overwhelms democracy.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “The national Democratic leadership is going so far left, they’ve left America. Don’t let them bury the American dream in their graveyard of gloom and envy.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “If I’d gotten the job I wanted at Montgomery Ward, I suppose I would never have left Illinois.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Outside of its legitimate function, government does nothing as well or economically as the private sector.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “We can’t socialize the doctors without socializing the patients.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Unemployment insurance is a pre-paid vacation for freeloaders.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “And children, if your parents haven’t been teaching you what it means to be an American, let ’em know and nail ’em on it. That would be a very American thing to do.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “How can a president not be an actor?”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “We seek a constitutional amendment to permit voluntary school prayer. God should never have been expelled from America’s classrooms in the first place.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Human beings are not animals, and I do not want to see sex and sexual differences treated as casually and amorally as dogs and other beasts treat them. I believe this could happen under the ERA.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “For the people of Israel and America are historic partners in the global quest for human dignity and freedom. We will always remain at each other’s side.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Christmas can be celebrated in the school room with pine trees, tinsel and reindeers, but there must be no mention of the man whose birthday is being celebrated. One wonders how a teacher would answer if a student asked why it was called Christmas.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Through you, we feel as giants, once again.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “The other day, someone told me the difference between a democracy and a people’s democracy. It’s the same difference between a jacket and a straitjacket.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “One of the worst mistakes anybody can make is to bet against Americans.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “I more than love you, I’m not whole without you. You are life itself to me. When you are gone I’m waiting for you to return so I can start living again.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “I believe now, as I alway have, that America’s strength is in ‘We the People.’”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “A university is a place where ancient tradition thrives alongside the most revolutionary ideas. Perhaps as no other institution, a university is simultaneously committed to the day before yesterday and the day after tomorrow.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Politics is just like show business. You have a hell of an opening, coast for a while, and then have a hell of a close.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “America stands unique in the world: the only country not founded on race but on a way, an ideal. Not in spite of but because of our polyglot background, we have had all the strength in the world. That is the American way.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “The Federal Reserve is answerable to no one.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “As a nation, we must choose between the sanctity of life ethic and the quality of life ethic. I have no trouble identifying the answer our nation has always given to this basic question, and the answer that I hope and pray it will give in the future.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “The person who pays an ounce of principle for a pound of popularity gets badly cheated.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “My golf-loving friend Bob Hope asked me what my handicap was, so I told him – the Congress.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “I favor the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and it must be enforced at gunpoint if necessary.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “There is no humanity or charity in destroying self-reliance, dignity, and self-respect.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “I am not worried about the deficit. It is big enough to take care of itself.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Well I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again ? America’s best days are yet to come. Our proudest moments are yet to be. Our most glorious achievements are just ahead.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “I believe with all my heart that standing up for America means standing up for the God who has so blessed our land. We need God’s help to guide our nation through stormy seas. But we can’t expect Him to protect America in a crisis if we just leave Him over on the shelf in our day-to-day living. Speech, New Orleans, November 16, 1982.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “We now know that inflation results from all that deficit spending.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Every dollar the federal government does not take from us, every decision it does not make for us, will make our economy stronger, our lives more abundant, our future more free.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Elvis epitomised America, and for that we shall be eternally grateful. There will never be anyone else like him. Let’s all rejoice in his music.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “We were poor when I was young but the difference was that the government didn’t come around telling you you were poor.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “With the right to bear arms comes a great responsibility to use caution and common sense on handgun purchases.”
Ronald Reagan Quote: “Facts are stupid things ? stubborn things, I should say.”
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