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Saadi Quotes

Saadi Quote: “Have patience. All things are difficult before they become easy.”
Saadi Quote: “How do I get to Carnegie Hall? Practice. Practice. Practice.”
Saadi Quote: “All human beings are limbs of the same body. God created them from the same essence. If one part of the body suffers pain, then the whole body is affected. If you are indifferent to this pain, you cannot be called a human being.”
Saadi Quote: “Ants, fighting together, will vanquish the lion.”
Saadi Quote: “The sons of Adam are limbs of each other, Having been created of one essence. When the calamity of time affects one limb, the other limbs cannot remain at rest. If you have no sympathy for the troubles of others, You are unworthy to be called by the name of a human.”
Saadi Quote: “If a gem falls into mud it is still valuable. If dust ascends to heaven, it remains valueless.”
Saadi Quote: “Patience accomplishes its object, while hurry speeds to its ruin.”
Saadi Quote: “You who feel no pain at the suffering of others It is not fitting for you to be called human.”
Saadi Quote: “I fear God the most, but after Him, I fear those who don’t fear Him.”
Saadi Quote: “The remedy against want is to moderate your desires.”
Saadi Quote: “Forgiveness is commendable, but apply not ointment to the wound of an oppressor.”
Saadi Quote: “A grateful dog is better than an ungrateful man.”
Saadi Quote: “The sons of Adam are formed from dust; if not humble as the dust, they fall short of being men.”
Saadi Quote: “Religion is only in the service of the people; it is not in the rosary and the prayer-carpet.”
Saadi Quote: “Whatever makes an impression on the heart seems lovely in the eye.”
Saadi Quote: “Every leaf of the tree becomes a page of the book, once the heart is opened and it has learnt to read.”
Saadi Quote: “The world is not a courtroom There is no judge no jury no plaintiff. This is a caravan filled with eccentric beings telling wondrous stories about God.”
Saadi Quote: “O Contentment, make me rich! for without thee there is no wealth.”
Saadi Quote: “A man is insensible to the relish of prosperity until he has tasted adversity.”
Saadi Quote: “Make no friendship with an elephant keeper If you have no room to entertain an elephant.”
Saadi Quote: “Whoever interrupts the conversation of others to make a display of his fund of knowledge, makes notorious his own stock of ignorance.”
Saadi Quote: “It’s no virtue to gain the whole world. Just gain the heart of one person.”
Saadi Quote: “Of journeying the benefits are many: the freshness it bringeth to the heart, the seeing and hearing of marvelous things, the delight of beholding new cities, the meeting of unknown friends, and the learning of high manners.”
Saadi Quote: “The best loved by God are those that are rich, yet have the humility of the poor, and those that are poor and have the magnanimity of the rich.”
Saadi Quote: “Whatever is produced in haste goes hastily to waste.”
Saadi Quote: “The wise man tells not what he knows. It is not prudent to sport with one’s head by revealing the king’s secrets.”
Saadi Quote: “A traveler without knowledge is a bird without wings.”
Saadi Quote: “Whoever acquires knowledge but does not practice it is as one who ploughs but does not sow.”
Saadi Quote: “Shut the door of that house of pleasure which you hear resounding with the loud voice of a woman.”
Saadi Quote: “Joy and sorrow, beauty and deformity, equally pass away.”
Saadi Quote: “The whelp of a wolf must prove a wolf at last, notwithstanding he may be brought up by a man.”
Saadi Quote: “Use a sweet tongue, courtesy, and gentleness, and thou mayest manage to guide an elephant by a hair.”
Saadi Quote: “O wise man, wash your hands of that friend who associates with your enemies.”
Saadi Quote: “Do to me, O Allah, what is worthy of Thee; And not what is worthy of me.”
Saadi Quote: “However much you are read in theory, if thou hast no practice thou art ignorant.”
Saadi Quote: “To the eye of enmity virtue appears the ugliest blemish.”
Saadi Quote: “Wherever the tree of beneficence takes root, it sends forth branches beyond the sky!”
Saadi Quote: “A peace-mingling falsehood is preferable to a mischief-stirring truth.”
Saadi Quote: “That sorrow which is the harbinger of joy is preferable to the joy which is followed by sorrow.”
Saadi Quote: “Be thou good thyself, and let people speak evil of thee; it is better than to be wicked, and that they should consider thee as good.”
Saadi Quote: “To pardon the oppressor is to deal harshly with the oppressed.”
Saadi Quote: “Obedience insures greatness, whilst disobedience leads to a repulse. Whosoever possesseth the qualities of righteousness placeth his head on the threshold of obedience.”
Saadi Quote: “Kings stand more in need of the company of the intelligent than the intelligent do of the society of kings.”
Saadi Quote: “Take care how you listen to the voice of the flatterer, who, in return for his little stock, expects to derive from you considerable advantage. If one day you do not comply with his wishes, be imputes to you two hundred defects instead of perfections.”
Saadi Quote: “Publish not men’s secret faults, for by disgracing them you make yourself of no repute.”
Saadi Quote: “Do good even to the wicked; it is as well to shut a dog’s mouth with a crumb.”
Saadi Quote: “If thou tellest the sorrows of thy heart, let it be to him in whose countenance thou mayst be assured of prompt consolation.”
Saadi Quote: “He taught people with his best way. He showed his beauty. He was all good so peace be on him and his family.”
Saadi Quote: “Be not in the desire of thine own ease.”
Saadi Quote: “Great God, have pity on the wicked, for thou didst everything for the good, when thou madest them good!”
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