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Santosh Kalwar Quote: “Every beginning has an end and every end is a new beginning.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “Trust starts with truth and ends with truth.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “Friendship is selfless love, care, respect, and honor not a profitable opportunity.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “Love has no culture, boundaries, race and religion. It is pure and beautiful like early morning sunrise falling in lake.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “My friends are everything without me but I am nothing without my friends.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “Born to be wild; born to be free; nobody owns you; you are, a romantic tree.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “Trust yourself, you will start to trust others.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “If I can see pain in your eyes then share with me your tears. If I can see joy in your eyes then share with me your smile.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “Life without risk is life wasted.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “Always be fearless. Walk like lion, talk like pigeons, live like elephants and love like an infant child.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “Always be like a water. Float in the times of pain or dance like waves along the wind which touches its surface.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “What you had yesterday is only memories; what you will have tomorrow is your dreams and what you will do today, let it be love.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “Never cry because you have mountains of problem in your hands to solve. Always smile because each problems will someday resolve.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “If life is a journey then let my soul travel and share your pain.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “Enjoy every bit of your life to the fullest. Your compromises and sacrifices will be rewarded.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “It does not matter where you go and what you study, what matters most is what you share with yourself and the world.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “Never stop just because you feel defeated. The journey to the other side is attainable only after great suffering.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “Do what you love, think what you feel and live the way you want.”

Santosh Kalwar Quote: “Those people, who hate you, envy your freedom.”

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